Not everyone who visits Las Vegas enjoys their visit in the same way. My friend groups are a great example. I have some friends that always set aside time to relax in a spa for an afternoon. I have other friends that would never use their time in Las Vegas that way. To each their own.
Not all Las Vegas casinos are created equally and it’s not fair to compare every property to one another. There are just a handful of luxury resorts in Las Vegas – Aria, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Wynn/Encore, and The Venetian/The Palazzo.
Caesars Palace and MGM Grand have luxury parts to their properties but they’re so large that they can offer a variety of experiences from low budget to luxe.
When looking for the best experiences in Las Vegas, it’s usually best to compare equals. It probably doesn’t make sense to compare a budget hotel with a luxury property. They just don’t offer equal products.
Thankfully, Las Vegas is a town built on great service and most experiences reflect that. A budget vacation can be above expectations for the price point. The same often holds true for the luxury category.
While prices might be a bit more expensive for luxury travelers, the properties often deliver a matching experience or better.

Wynn Las Vegas Unveils New Spa Design

Wynn Las Vegas is famous for being at the top of the luxury market in Las Vegas. Everything from the rooms to dining is among the best in town. They’re also home to the first and longest-holding Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa in Las Vegas.
The recent upgrades to the spa set a new standard for relaxing in luxury with the debut of its latest design evolution. The 45,000-square-foot spa has a dramatic new aesthetic. The new treatment menu will help guests connect with mind, body, and spirit.
The new design concept comes from a deeper dusky color palette evoking nightfall. The spa offers a transformative visual experience. Senses are heightened by layered and luxurious accents of textured stone, sculptural metal, and organic natural elements.
“We have created a space of great possibilities,” said Roger Thomas, EVP of Design of Wynn Design and Development. “As the guest journey unfolds, there is a sense of mystery met with uniquely personal contemplative moments that are meant to be discovered.”
The new furniture, fixtures, and artwork throughout are either custom-designs by Thomas or from master artisans around the world. Wynn updated each of the 44 treatment rooms, hydrotherapy areas, and dressing rooms.
The extravagant treatment room corridors are a signature Wynn architectural tenet. The spa has 28 five-foot onyx pillars each with Murano glass vases. The two corridors converge in the spa’s central relaxation room, a haven for reflection grounded by Torus, an immense mirror-polished stainless-steel sculpture by artist David Harber.

New Treatments

The Spa at Wynn has four new treatments. These are available exclusively at this spa and administered by expert technicians. Since I don’t speak spa language, let’s use their descriptions:

  • Forest of Dreams: Heated bamboo and contoured stones provide a deeply therapeutic massage that concludes with targeted reflex point work and a revitalizing foot exfoliation.
  • Dosha Glow: Combines the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda with aromatherapy and super plants to balance the body’s energy and nourish the skin with a Kansa wand face massage.
  • Samadhi Enlightenment: This multi-sensory mind-body experience includes the soothing vibrations of hand-crafted Himalayan Singing Bowls, Ayurvedic massage, and guided Chakra balancing incorporating semi-precious stones.
  • Mojave Bliss: Organic body treatment incorporating Himalayan Singing Bowls, indigenous plants, and semi-precious stones to restore balance to the skin.

Visit the spa at for more information and to view the full Spa at Wynn treatment menu.


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