The Neon Museum and Neon Boneyard offer special tours throughout the year. The latest tour, Brilliant,” is more than just a tour – it’s an experience. The museum describes Brilliant! as “Intelligent. Immersive. Illuminating.”
The new tour at the Neon Museum is all that and then some. Brilliant! brings audio and video to classic Las Vegas signs that truly create an immersive experience. The technology essentially brings 40 different signs back to the life they once had.
Yes, the iconic vintage signs seems as though they never stopped working thanks to designer Craig Winslow. Brilliant! uses 3-D audio and multiple projectors to create a shared augmented reality experience. Think of this like similar to the technology of Pokemon Go! but with vintage neon signs from throughout the history of Las Vegas for everyone in attendance.
If Winslow’s name sounds familiar it’s because he previously created a projection for the museum’s North Gallery last February. “Working with the Neon Museum’s collection has been a moving experience for me,” says Winslow. “Reilluminating these signs pays homage to their designers. It’s an honor to be able to give people a chance to see these signs exactly as they used to be” he tells Take a look at the awesome animation!

The audio portion of “Brilliant!” uses 24 speakers with 3D-sound. The visuals are created with eight different projectors that use 80,000 lumens of light. Together the audio and video create a 360-degree audiovisual experience. The technology allows the old, broken signs come to life. In addition to the resurrection of signs, the Neon Boneyard is splashed with iconic Las Vegas images and accompanied by the soundtrack of some of the greatest musical performers in history.
“The addition of ‘Brilliant!’ to the Neon Museum’s roster of offerings further defines our role in sign collection, conservation, restoration, historic preservation, research and learning,” explained Rob McCoy, president and chief executive officer, Neon Museum. “This is truly a first. Nowhere on the planet has anyone attempted to create what we are about to launch at the Museum” according to
The iconic signs are always beautiful but Brilliant! is a unique experience. Tickets for Brilliant! are $23 for most people. Locals, seniors, students, military receive discount tickets for $15. Brilliant! and other traditional tours may sell out so you’re always recommended to book a tour in advance.
Traditional Neon Museum Boneyard tours are only available to the public through an hour-long guided tour. Tours are available seven days a week. Tour times vary based on the season. Find out the current tour times and tours on the Neon Museum website in advance of any trip.
Traditional Neon Museum tours are priced differently. Here’s the current price structure.
Day tours are $15 to $19
Night tours are $22 to $26
Late night tours are $24 to $28
Brilliant! tours are $15 to $23
Visit Neon Museum for more information on all tours.


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