Finding a hotel room bargain in Las Vegas is getting trickier. It’s always been wise to book so that you avoid major holidays, events, and weekends. Those are the busiest days and night in Las Vegas. Saving money isn’t easy when it’s busy. When more people visit Las Vegas there are fewer hotel rooms available and prices usually rise when the supply of rooms decreases.
We’ve often discussed avoiding major conventions when looking for the best hotel room rates. Conventions are often a foil for low mid-week rates. This year there are about 5 – 7 of those large conventions that will affect prices. The hunt for hotel room bargains will be even more complicated in the future.
We recently told you about Las Vegas casino operators expanding and upgrading their conference, meeting, and convention space. Well, there’s a reason for that. The average daily room rate (ADR) is higher during these periods. This part is nothing new. What is new will be the frequency and size conferences in Las Vegas. The spaces will come in all shapes and sizes and casino operators are putting an emphasis on filling those spaces.
We’ve always looked to avoid large conventions like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This is the largest convention in Las Vegas and just about every hotel room in Las Vegas is occupied during the show and expo. The ADR in Las Vegas in January was a record high of $150.21. That was helped by New Year’s Eve falling having a three day weekend but there was a shortage of rooms during CES. There were plenty of complaints about high prices for CES 2017. The same is expected for CES 2018.
The Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, and Sands Expo Hall will continue to book the largest conventions in Las Vegas. The new conference spaces will focus on smaller meetings and conferences. Earlier this year MGM Resorts signed deal with Microsoft to host four separate meetings and events over three years.
Every hotel in Las Vegas won’t be affected by these meetings. However, prices, on average, will be higher during these events. You may see a shortage of hotel rooms if you want to stay at an MGM Resorts property when these events take place. Many of the rooms at MGM properties will go to Microsoft employees as they’ll act first and pay more money to be near their event. This will make prices higher for the rest of us just looking for vacation.
This scene will be replicated in other casinos as they improve their conference and meeting facilities. The micro effect of the new conference spaces should make finding less expensive rooms a bit more of a hunt.
An event at the Stratosphere (considering expanding their conference space) might not affect room prices on the south end of the Vegas Strip. Prices at Treasure Island and other nearby properties might be a little higher than usual.
Midweek dates have always been a bastion for anyone looking to save money on hotel rooms in Las Vegas. That won’t be so easy as you try to navigate through more conferences and meetings in more locations. has a useful website to bookmark so you can keep track and avoid conferences or certain hotels during conferences.


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