In December, MGM Resorts announced a unique partnership for visitors driving to its casinos from Arizona, California, and elsewhere. The Vegas Strip casino operator has a multi-year agreement with a company called Fuelster. If you’re not familiar with Fuelster, it’s a company that provides contactless fuel delivery to automobiles.
This deal will allow guests at MGM Resorts to use the Fuelster app to fill up their vehicles while enjoying everything the casinos have to offer. Guests simply have to leave their gas door open and place an order using the app. Fuelster will come to the casino garage and fill the car with gas while the guests enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer.
According to a press release from MGM Resorts, delivery by Fuelster is free. There are no membership fees and the prices for different grades of fuel are competitive to gas stations in the area.

Using Fuelster

Using Fuelster is convenient and easy. Frankly, we’d all rather hang out in a casino for an extra 10-20 minutes than spend that time driving to a gas station and filling up a car. You never know if that extra session at the craps table or slot machine will pay for the entire trip.
Bill Stirewalt, Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Fuelster, said, “Fuelster is committed to revolutionizing the retail fuel industry and we are honored to partner with MGM Resorts International, a global hospitality and entertainment company with some of the most recognizable resort brands in the world located within miles of each other on the Las Vegas Strip. Fuelster is on the cutting edge of technology with fire department-certified equipment and a dynamic scalable platform to service the marketplace’s strong desire for on-demand solutions. Our goal is for MGM Resorts guests to never again have to stop for fuel on the way to or from MGM Resorts’ Las Vegas properties.”
Using Fuelster is similar to food ordering apps:

  • Set up an account
  • Choose a delivery location
  • The app will give an estimated delivery time
  • Payment is via the Fuelster app
  • Fuelster will notify the guest when the delivery is complete

The process of using Fuelster is quick and easy. This partnership is a win-win if everything works properly. Guests can have more time enjoying Las Vegas. MGM Resorts should increase revenue by having guests eat, shop, or gamble a little longer.

Convenience For Drives Is More Important Than Ever In Las Vegas

Las Vegas casino operators are always thinking about who their customer is. The amount of visitors driving to Las Vegas has dropped much less than flyers since the coronavirus started spreading around the world.
According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the number of passengers getting off an airplane in Las Vegas (through November) was down 56.6% compared to 2019. The same report estimates that auto traffic was only down 12.3% for the same period.
Air travel traffic is down bigly due to the continued spread of coronavirus. However, the number of visitors driving to Las Vegas is only down a little. It makes more sense than ever for casino operators to cater to guests driving into Las Vegas.
“MGM Resorts is always looking for innovative ways to leverage technology to enhance the guest experience and this new amenity will ensure their Las Vegas visit is even more convenient and enjoyable,” said Lance Evans, Senior Vice President of Sports & Sponsorships for MGM Resorts. “The contactless delivery Fuelster offers comes at a pivotal time when health and safety remain at the forefront of everything we’re doing and is a key consideration for guests making their travel plans.”
The key to this partnership working is fuel prices. Not everyone will pay for convenience. The deal will be of value if prices are the same as driving to a gas station and there are no hidden fees. This could be a great service for visitors at MGM Resorts Las Vegas properties if there’s no added fee to the convenience.


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