The coronavirus is changing the world. Thinking about travel probably isn’t the first thing on anyone’s mind right now. That’s understandable but there’s a good reason to think about travel – at least for a little while.
Thinking about travel is helpful because good to think about the fun things that can happen in the future. Having thoughts about greener pastures is aspirational. It gives us an excuse to flashback to great memories and start to look forward to creating new memories that will last a lifetime. Thinking about Las Vegas is perfect for that.
Casinos across the country have been closed for at least a month in order to help slow the spread of the virus. Things are changing a lot. Casino operators are going to have to deal with the lost income from this period. This isn’t entirely new for Las Vegas casinos. The last economic recession in 2008 the US hit Sin City hard.
The casino operators had to change how they did business in order to give people a reason to spend their money on a Vegas vacation as the economy recovered. If the prior economic slowdown is any indication, Las Vegas casinos about to become very aggressive with marketing offers.

Using Las Vegas Deals To Take The Experience To Another Level

This is a great time to look at ways to get the most from casino offers and comps. I was in my prime Vegas years when the economy crashed. There were great offers and complimentary rooms at every casino-resort in Las Vegas.
I was only interested in staying and playing at one type of property. Prior to the downturn, I was able to afford lower and middle-tier hotels. I was receiving complimentary rooms pretty much whenever I wanted.
That was great but if the price was equal, I wanted to see how the other half lived. I used offers and rewards from luxury properties that I could never afford to stay at previously.
I knew the offers from luxury casino-resorts wouldn’t last very long so I didn’t take the smartest approach to maximize the deals. There weren’t too many luxury properties in Las Vegas at the time. Bellagio, Wynn (and Encore) and The Venetian (and Palazzo) were a few of the integrated luxury casino-resorts.
Today, there are more luxury hotel options like the Cosmopolitan. There are also boutique hotels inside of hotels. For example, Aria Sky Suites and Nobu tower at Caesars are both the top of the line experiences at their respective hotel.
Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your rewards based on my experience the last time the casinos had to incentivize customers to visit Las Vegas. These items are things to think about when picking the new Vegas experience that’s best for you.

What Do You Want From Las Vegas

There will be great deals available to try and lure guests back to Las Vegas. It didn’t take much time for me to decide what I wanted from my Las Vegas experiences.
I was already at the level of play where I was getting complimentary rooms at hotels I could afford. I wanted to step up my Vegas experience to a luxury experience since the deals were the same as I was getting for lesser properties.
Some friends were in a similar but different place. They also wanted to improve their Las Vegas experience. We found the best of both worlds. While I was able to upgrade to fancier hotels, they were able to step up from discounted rooms to entirely complimentary lodging.
We were all satisfied with the experience. They saved money and I was able to try an experience I normally couldn’t afford. We’d meet in the middle and all create great Vegas memories.

Be Who You Want To Be

Every now and again I want to live a life of luxury and money isn’t an object. That doesn’t last long because I also want to feel as though I’m getting value for the money I spend.
Sometimes I don’t mind being a little fish in a big pond. More often I want to be a big fish in a little pond. What does that mean when it comes to Las Vegas deals?
Knowing who you are and what you want from promo deals in Las Vegas (anywhere really) is helpful in getting the best of the experience. When I was staying and playing at the luxury properties I was considered a low roller. My money wasn’t rewarded well since there were many more profitable customers. That was fine for me because I was just looking for a short-term luxe experience.
In order to receive the same deals when the economy became healthy again, I would have had to spend more than I could afford. That wasn’t in the cards. Being a small fish in a big pond was fine for the short term but that’s not who I am. I usually prefer knowing that I’m getting the most bang for my buck.
I usually stayed at mid-tier properties when trying to get the most from my offers. The same low roller budget at the luxury properties went much farther at lower and middle tier properties.
Specifically, the midweek deals at Wynn and Venetian were offered any day I wanted at Planet Hollywood and most Caesars properties. I would sometimes receive complimentary meals and beverages at different Caesars casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
The staff at the Caesars properties treated me like a real VIP and I loved it. I spent what I could afford and received the high roller treatment I desired. The same bankroll at the high-end properties didn’t engender much in return.
It took me years of visiting different casinos to realize what kind of experience suited me the best. While I love living a life of luxury, my bank account is more in line with mid-tier properties.
It helps to know what you want when planning on how to maximize on your offers.

Use Offers Or Lose Em

When a casino sends an offer they expect that you’ll spend money with them in return. This isn’t a surprise.
Don’t expect to see the offer again if you accept a deal and don’t spend with the casino. The relationship between casino guests and casino operators is mutual. They’ll scratch your back if you scratch theirs.
Focused spending goes a long way in keeping the good offers coming. For the most part, I focus money spent at the property I’m staying in. This helps ensure there are more offers in the future. My higher limits gambling is typically at the home property. I’d try to eat as many meals as possible at the property as well. I’ll go elsewhere but try to use most of my budget where I’m receiving a reward.
I knew this going into the luxury offers. I couldn’t spend enough to keep the offers coming in so I didn’t try to fake it as though I belonged. If my normal budget wasn’t enough I could go back to where my money was appreciated.
Bottom line: Pay attention to where you’re spending money. The more you give back to the casino the better future offers will be.
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