Last summer I spent a week at Planet Hollywood on the Vegas Strip. This trip was the first time I noticed Lightning Link slot machines. There was a small bank of four machines near Earl of Sandwich. Almost every seat was occupied whenever I walked by the game. I finally found an open game and didn’t understand why the game was so popular. The unbranded themes aren’t spectacular like other slot machines.
I later realized that Lightning Link is a unique slot game. They offer player-selectable multi-denominations so you can play limits from a penny to multiple dollars per line. The real hook for these games seems to be the multi-format jackpot offerings that combine both link and small area progressive jackpots. The patented new jackpot mechanic offers unique and innovative gameplay and jackpot trigger methodology.
Another unique thing with Lightning Link is that this isn’t just a single slot machine theme. Lightning Link has a mix of games that appeal to a wide range of players. After that vacation, I noticed that the bank of eight Lightning Link slot machines at Red Rock was always crowded.
I decided to play again. I got a large bonus and understood why people liked the game. The Bonus Rounds that tie the games together is unique. The different Lightning Link games aren’t what I look for in a slot machine but at least I understand why people like the game. The Bonus Rounds can be very lucrative and that’s always fun.
Lightning Link Las Vegas Takeover
These slot machines always seem to be busy in every casino in Las Vegas. Lightning Link slot machines are the most popular premium slot machines in casinos today according to the most recent Eilers-Fantini Quarterly US Slot Survey. It’s probably not a coincidence that the related Dragon Link slot machines are third in the survey. Like I said, the bonuses are what make these games popular.
In early 2018 Rampart Casino expanded their slot floor and added 31 Lightning Link slot machines. At the time, this was the casino with the most Lightning Link slot machines in Las Vegas. “This is one of the most buzzed about games I’ve seen in my 28-year gaming history,” said Rampart Casino’s Director of Slots Jim Mahnesmith. He continued, “The trend’s growing not just in Las Vegas, or even the States, but around the world.”
The crown for most Lightning Link slot machines in one casino ended a few weeks later when Silverton Casino opened the first Lightning Link Lounge. The new lounge is home to 36 Lightning Link and Dragon Link slot machines.
“Our players have loved Lightning Link from the minute the first game arrived on property. Ever since, we have had more and more demand for the game, and it grew to the point where it made sense to dedicate a space to this incredibly electrifying game,” said Bryan Binek, Silverton’s Executive Director of Gaming and Operations.
“Players everywhere love Lightning Link. A Lightning Link Lounge is particularly fun because, with a game designed to build excitement, when several banks are centralized in a dedicated area, the levels of fun increase,” said Jon Hanlin, Aristocrat’s VP of Commercial Strategy, Gaming Operations.
Keep An Eye Out For Lightning Link
I’ve been experimenting with different Lightning Link games since learning about their popularity. There’s something about the Bonus Round. The Bonus appears often enough to keep the game interesting. Large jackpots don’t seem to happen often (to me)there are enough small jackpots to keep the action going.
Lightning Link games are definitely slot machines to look out for. The variety of themes means that there should be something for most slot machine players.


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