Wallet Hub recently did some research to prove that Las Vegas is the most fun city in America. Like me, you were probably thinking ”duh” when you read that. Of course, Las Vegas is the most fun city in America! You can eat, drink, and gamble 24 hours a day. You can also enjoy the shows, nightclubs, and so much more. This is all just another night in Las Vegas.
Let’s take a deeper look at the research from Wallet Hub to see why Las Vegas showed so well in the fun cities survey. After all, the survey had four experts examining 150 cities using almost 60 different metrics to come to this decision.
Parties & Nightlife
Las Vegas ranks number one in parties and nightlife. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since some of the most popular nightclubs in America are inside casinos on the Vegas Strip. However, the party isn’t only at night in Las Vegas.
The Cosmopolitan has Marquee Dayclub, Wynn has Encore Beach Club, MGM Grand has Wet Republic, and the Hard Rock has Rehab. This is really just the tip of the daytime party iceberg. Let’s see why else Las Vegas is the most fun city in America.
Most Restaurants Per Capita
Las Vegas is tied with New York and Orlando for most restaurants per capita. Many of the best restaurants in Las Vegas are in the massive casino resorts on the Vegas Strip. The variety of dining in Las Vegas is fantastic and probably better than either city tied for most restaurants per capita. Visitors and locals can choose from buffets, food courts, food stands, fine dining, and traditional moderately priced restaurants.
Per capita is a bit too structured when looking at great dining. I’d break this tie and make Las Vegas number one strictly because of the amazing variety. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see Las Vegas take the number one spot per capita by itself next year. There’s been a boom in restaurants opening away from the touristy parts of Las Vegas.
Accessible Bars
Even this native New Yorker finds it difficult to believe that New York City has more accessible bars than Las Vegas. Hey, that’s what the research shows. The majority of Las Vegas casinos have multiple bars open all day and night. Additionally, there are 24 hours a day bars and restaurants throughout the city. Bars are sort of the heartbeat of Las Vegas…and many of the bars never close.
On the flip-side of this the study, we learn that New York City has the highest average beer price of the 150 cities surveyed. Prices at bars in the touristy areas of Las Vegas may be increasing but there are plenty of affordable places to drink once you explore other bars around town. Las Vegas is better when you combine price and access to bars.


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