Escape rooms continue to become more popular around the country. As usual, whatever becomes trendy around the country eventually ends up in Las Vegas. Most of these activities are located off the Vegas Strip. Escape rooms continue to pop up all over town.
The location of Las Vegas escape rooms is important. Rent on the Vegas Strip is expensive and that often makes new restaurants, bars, and attractions more costly. By staying away from the Vegas Strip, the price for escape rooms is in line with what you’d expect to pay for the experience.
If you’re not familiar with escape rooms, they are essentially what the name says. The goal of most escape rooms is for players to find their way out of a closed room. The venues offer a series of puzzles and riddles using clues and hints that can be found throughout the room (or rooms) players are trying to escape. There’s often a time limit to increase the adrenaline of participants.
Escape rooms in Las Vegas tend to offer more than just a single activity. The newest escape room in Las Vegas, HeadzUP, is huge and replaced a JC Penny in a local mall.

Welcome HeadzUP Vegas

HeadzUP Vegas is the newest escape room to open in Las Vegas. HeadzUP Vegas includes four Escape Room Experiences, America’s largest collection of 3D Art in its Trick Art Museum, and the first Archery Tag Arena (!) built specifically for this game.
There are a number of things that set HeadzUP apart from other escape rooms in Las Vegas. They offer multiple escape rooms and a number of other activities available under the same roof.
The Western Themed storyline escape room place players in a multi-room environment with live actors and movie-set quality surroundings. Chad Dillow, the CEO of HeadzUP says “The Western Room at HeadzUP gives our guests a unique adrenalin surge and a level of entertainment we’ve been dreaming of for a long time.
The designers of the Smoking Gun escape room include some of the most notable escape room influencers and technicians, who were challenged to design the most clever and realistic interactive experience. They say guests are calling the new Smoking Gun experience the first “Story Room” in Las Vegas.
HeadzUP Vegas is huge. The 160,000 square foot location is in the Boulevard Mall. Visit for more information.

More Las Vegas Escape Rooms

Here are a few more escape rooms to check out if you’re looking for something different on your next visit to Las Vegas.
Heist – Rush To Escape: This hourlong escape room game isn’t for everyone. Players will have to create a scenario with a heist. Players will have to exert some physical effort making the “heist.” This is different than most escape rooms in Las Vegas and that’s what sets it apart.
Escapology: This is one of the most popular escape rooms in Las Vegas. There are a variety of rooms that include rooms that are appropriate for different ages. Trip Advisor reviews say that this makes a great team-building exercise if you’re in Las Vegas for work/fun.
Saw Escape Las Vegas: Yes, this escape room is themed for the movie franchise Saw. The horror movie set design really helps this stand out from other Las Vegas escape rooms.
Trapped! – There are three very different escape rooms here. While many of these rooms are thrilling or scary, they have a room for puzzle nerds. Check out The Lair Of The Puzzlemaster if you enjoy solving puzzles without getting spooked.


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