The Super Bowl game may never be played in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean all that much to the hotels, casinos, bars, and restaurants. Super Bowl weekend is one the busiest weekends of the year in Las Vegas. More than 300,000 people will be in Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend. The city is packed for “The Big Game” already. The Super Bowl is usually the single most wagered on sporting event of the year.
Visiting Las Vegas for the Super Bowl should be on the bucket list of any sports fan. However, watching the Super Bowl isn’t quite as simple are you think. The demand to watch the game is greater than the capacity of every sports book in Las Vegas. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas:
Sports Book – Seats in most sports books are free and general admission for the public. Seating is available on a first come-first served basis. Unlike most days of the year, any seats available will begin filling up hours before kickoff. Some sports books, like Cosmopolitan and The Venetian, will reserve seats for their best customers. Bottom line, the atmosphere is great and you may find a free seat in a sports book, but they are few and far between.
Casino Bar – Free seats to watch the game at a casino bar are usually gone well before kickoff but they’re not impossible to find. If you’re patient and have time to kill, you can slide up to one of the casino bars. You can purchase drinks or play video poker and possibly receive complimentary drinks. While the seats don’t come with a fee, you can’t just sit here. Expect to buy drinks and tip your bartender.
Walk Into A Bar and/or Restaurant – There are sports bars and restaurants all over Las Vegas that will be showing the game. Many will have parties but you might be able to walk in and find a free seat in the bar area. Chances are the bars/restaurant will be packed before kickoff. Again, the seats may be free but you’ll be expected to buy food and/or drink while you’re occupying space.
Free Parties – Most of the viewing parties for the Super Bowl will guarantee you a seat and provide food and drink. However, if you look at some of the hotels and casinos away from the Vegas Strip you might find a free general admission party. You won’t get the guaranteed seat, bells and whistles of the paid parties but you should have access to watch the game with cheap food and drinks. Just show up early enough to get a seat. This is a great option for large groups who will make any room into a party.
VIP Parties – If you’re a high roller or have an upper tier casino players club card, you might receive an invite to one of these exclusive parties. The VIP parties will all have be showing the game. Entry may be limited and the food and drink offered will be different. Some VIP parties will actually have former football players to sign autographs and take pictures.
$$$ Viewing Parties – The majority of Super Bowl parties you find on the Vegas Strip will cost between $100-$200 per person. These parties will guarantee you a seat to watch the game. Some parties will offer food, booze or both. The scope of parties includes ballrooms, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and more. Basically any room you can fit a TV you might find a party. These parties started selling out in early January and will continue to do so until kickoff.


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