It’s not a ferris wheel. It’s an observation wheel. The High Roller has been under construction in Vegas for over a year but is finally open for business today. The High Roller is the anchor to the outdoor mall in the center of the Vegas Strip called The Linq. After two opening phases we can finally say that The Linq is open for business (even if there are still some finishing touches to do on a few of the stores). For the past few weeks we’ve been able to shop, dine and drink at the Linq but the experience never felt complete without the operational observation wheel.

The High Roller is the most noticeable addition to the Vegas Strip in years. In fact, the High Roller has changed the skyline of the Vegas Strip forever. The massive observation wheel can be seen as far out as 10 miles away when its 1,500 lights are all lit up at night. While a ferris wheel wouldn’t normally be exciting this 55 story high observation wheel can is taller than any of the casinos on the Vegas Strip and offers unparalleled views of this beautiful city. For context, the High Roller is 100 feet taller than the London Eye observation wheel.

This isn’t your normal ferris wheel. There aren’t seats where your legs dangle in the open air. Each High Roller pod can hold as many as 40 people and there are 28 pods. Rides board every 10 minutes and the pods never stop. You’ll be boarding as riders are leaving. Don’t worry about the moving pod as the ride moves slow enough to walk on easily. Each ride lasts 30 minutes and moves at less than 1 foot per second.

The length of each High Roller ride is an important fact since the it’s at the end of a restaurant and bar area. You might want to use the restroom before boarding since there aren’t restrooms in the pods. 30 minutes may not sound like a long time but if you’ve had a few drinks with dinner you may feel differently when you’re at the apex have to use the restroom.

Tickets for the High Roller cost between $24.95 for a basic single ride during the day and $59.95 for the Express Pass. Here’s a rundown of the available ride options:

Daytime Ride: $25.95 (10am – 6pm)
Nighttime Ride: $34.95 (6pm – 2am)
One Day Flex Pass: $44.95 (Any time during the day you choose)
Three Day Flex Pass: $54.95 (Ride one time during the three day window you choose)
Express Pass: $59.95 (visit any time you choose and skip the line)

You can purchase tickets in advance at or just wait until you get to Vegas. There are no Total Rewards discounts today but that may change in the future.

PHOTO CREDIT: Denise Truscello


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