It took less than a year for a Las Vegas casino to offer an all-inclusive(*) package after I recommended someone try it last year. On September 30, 2016, Travel Vegas posted a blog titled “Here’s An Idea: All Inclusive Packages To Las Vegas.” Low and behold, less than six months later the Rio is offering an Eat | Drink | Stay All For One Price deal called “Total Deal.”
In theory it’s an all inclusive deal. Upon further review, it’s not quite a deal but it’s close. Here’s how it works:
Upon arriving at Rio you will receive a punch card to verify beverage purchases and a wristband that will identify each you as being a Total Deal guest. You must charge all food purchases to your room account and provide your server with your Total Deal punch card to receive your beverages. Here’s the catch, you can only eat at select restaurants.
Carnival World and Seafood Buffet, All-American Bar & Grille, Hash House a Go Go, and Sports Deli are the only options open to you. You cannot eat at Voodoo Steakhouse, Royal India Bistro, KJ Dim Sum, Pho Da Nang Vietnamese, Guy Fieri’s El Burro Burracho, Smashburger, or Starbucks. You can’t get coffee at Starbucks. Your food spend at the three restaurants is capped at $250 per day (for two people).
For beverages you can only have well and domestic beverages at Rio’s bars and lounges with the exception of Purple Zebra and Showroom Bars. This is valid for 12 drinks per person each day. No premium cocktails, spirits or beer are offered.
All Total Deal guests will receive access for two for one night at Voodoo Lounge. Spa treatments, shows, attractions and other meals and drinks are extra.
Rio is not responsible if you lose a wristband. In other words, you’re SOL if you lose the wristband. This doesn’t seem outrageous but you should know about it. Finally, gratuity is not included so make sure you have money set aside to tip everyone that you’d normally tip even if your food or drink is part of the package.
Drink caps, dining limits, no transportation and other limitations don’t make this sound like much of an all-inclusive deal. That said, how often is anyone drinking 12 beverages and eating that much food in one casino every day in Las Vegas. According to Vegas Bright the packages start at $365 for two people staying just two nights. The prices will change depending on the dates chosen. My visit to the website today had no available packages.
The price noted above is $182.50 per day or $91.25 per person per day. This deal is a deal if you don’t leave the Rio. You’d have to eat all of your meals at the restaurants mentioned above, max out well drinks (or domestic beer) each a day, and visit Voodoo Lounge. It seems as though this deal is probably close to the appropriate value for what you’re getting. Remember, in Las Vegas, a “deal” isn’t necessarily a discount.
While this isn’t exactly what I had in mind last year, at least they’re trying. Let’s give Caesars Entertainment an A for effort but an E for limitations all over the place. The average of those grades is a C. The “Total Deal” seems like it deserves a C grade. It’s not great, but it’s not awful. If you’re a steak eating booze snob like me, you probably wouldn’t see any value here. However, if you like burgers, buffets, and Buds this might be fine.
You can book your all inclusive package HERE today.


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