We’re not partial to one casino operator in Las Vegas. However, sometimes certain casino companies have a lot going on. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot happening at the Flamingo. Shows are coming and going while the casino continues to evolve to meet current customer needs.
The bones of the Flamingo may be old but they’re constantly changing the property so it feels modern, contemporary and fresh. The latest upgrade to Flamingo was just announcement by Caesars Entertainment. The national casino operator will be spending $90 million to renovate 1,270 hotel rooms at the Flamingo.

The renovations will begin in late August 2017 and Caesars Entertainment expects that the first rooms will be ready by November 2017. The final completion of all room renovations at Flamingo should happen by the second quarter of 2018.
The Flamingo currently has over 3,500 hotel rooms. The 1,270 rooms that will receive renovations come from the entry room category. If you’ve stayed at the Flamingo in the past five years you might be most familiar with the FAB rooms from their faux wood floors and old bathrooms. The new rooms appear to be quite an upgrade.

The new design will not only update the main hotel room but also bring the bathrooms up to today’s standards. According to a press release, “The fully renovated rooms will feature unique, contemporary and retro-chic designs with accents that celebrate Flamingo’s rich history as the centerpiece of the Las Vegas Strip. Designed by Forrest Perkins, the rooms were inspired to sparkle like glitter and shine like champagne, with vibrant hues of gold and bright pops of flamingo pink, keeping true to the property’s character and charisma.”
In normal-speak, the rooms will be modern while paying tribute to the history of the Flamingo. The pink Flamingo color will highlight a muted color palette which will include white and different shades of gray. The corporate speak doesn’t mention that the floors will receive new carpeting and the bathrooms will be completely redone. Both are major upgrades as far as I’m concerned.
The new rooms at Flamingo should bring along a price increase from the current FAB room rates. Hotel room upgrades are always something to look forward to. However, Caesars Entertainment hasn’t revealed any infrastructure upgrades around the hotel rooms. These old buildings can always use some extra TLC behind the scenes and Flamingo is as old as you’ll find on the Vegas Strip.


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