As we recently discussed, most of the Las Vegas Strip casinos have updated their players clubs to be overall loyalty clubs for their customers. These newer loyalty programs reward customers for money spent throughout the casino and resort. The players club model only rewards players or gamblers.
Downtown Las Vegas casinos are a different story. Most downtown Las Vegas casinos only reward customers for money they spend when gambling. The casinos away from the Vegas Strip have different customers. The guests visiting downtown Las Vegas casinos tend to gamble more than those on the Vegas Strip.
According to the most recent Las Vegas Visitors Profile, about 46% of visitors to Las Vegas head downtown. Customers at downtown Las Vegas casinos continue to spend a larger percentage of their money gambling than visitors on the Vegas Strip. According to UNLV Gaming, 50% of downtown Las Vegas casino revenue in 2018 was from gambling. Casinos on the Vegas Strip saw only 34% of revenue from gaming.

Downtown Las Vegas Players Clubs

Downtown Las Vegas casinos mostly offer traditional players clubs. Regardless of the name and how points are earned, the rewards are useful. Many of the downtown Las Vegas casino players clubs are also a bit more simple than those on the Vegas Strip.
Some of these casinos still operate on a players club with a single tier. Most of the casinos downtown don’t have all the bells and whistles of the Vegas Strip casinos so they don’t have to offer the same tiered benefits. The casinos without tiers use an internal system to reward customers.
Even though the players clubs aren’t as elaborate as the Vegas Strip, they’re still useful. Just like the entry-level of Vegas Strip casino loyalty clubs, discounts and early access to news and information are available to everyone that signs up. Benefits get better as more money is spent gambling.
One interesting reward from some of the downtown casinos is access to discounts outside of the property. For example, Club One (The D and Golden Gate) offers discounts at a variety of restaurants in downtown Las Vegas. Did someone say complimentary meatballs at Pizza Rock? HOOK IT UP!
Players clubs are useful no matter which casinos you visit in Las Vegas. Here’s a list of the downtown Las Vegas players clubs so you can start planning your next visit to Las Vegas:


Gambling Advantages In Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas casino operators understand that one way to keep gamblers happy is to offer fair games. The lower the house edge, the longer a gambler can play. The longer a casino game is played, the better the chance of hitting a hot streak for a nice win. There are plenty of good gambling options with affordable limits.
Craps: Main Street Station offers 20x odds with $5 or $10 minimum bets. The D, El Cortez, Golden Gate, and Plaza offer 10x with similar limits. While The Cromwell on the Vegas Strip offers bigger odds, the limits are often higher. All other Vegas Strip casinos offer lower odds.
Blackjack: Most of the downtown Las Vegas casinos offer excellent blackjack games that pay 3:2 when you’re dealt a natural blackjack. You can see the best and worst blackjack games in downtown Las Vegas under $25 here. Many Vegas Strip casinos offer 6:5 blackjack which has a much worse house edge.
Slot machines: El Cortez says its slot machines are 40% looser than the Vegas Strip. All casinos in downtown Las Vegas are said to be looser than the casinos on the Vegas Strip. Of course, slot machines may still have some of the worst odds in a casino but less worse is better.
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