The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Is The First Casino On the Vegas Strip To Implement Slot Ticket Donations For Charity
The idea of donating leftover change from slot machine tickets isn’t new but it’s long overdue on the Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas recently announced a new charitable giving offering. This platform is now available on all 12 ticket redemption machines on the casino floor.
The ticket redemption system allows guests to donate spare change from slot machine vouchers. The platform allows guests to choose one of four pre-selected non-profit organizations at any of the casino’s ticket redemption kiosks. For example, you can choose to donate 88 cents if you have a slot ticket for $100.88.
The Cosmopolitan is the first resort on the Las Vegas Strip to implement this giving platform. EveriCares powers the “Giving Module” program. Everi operates many of the ATM/bill redemption/slot voucher machines in Las Vegas casinos. This technology isn’t new to Las Vegas. This platform has been available for guests at M Resort for more than a year.

Choosing A Charity

Throughout the year, The Cosmopolitan will select various non-profit organizations that align with the resort’s pillars of charitable giving. The initial group of charities includes learning and student enrichment, food and hunger relief, diversity and inclusion, military and veterans and accessible art.
To kick off the first quarter of the program, guests will have the opportunity to give back to the following organizations:

  • The Shade Tree
  • Opportunity Village
  • Three Square Food Bank
  • Team Rubicon

This isn’t a free platform and The Cosmopolitan will pay an annual fee to maintain the service. However, 100% of the donations they collect will go directly to the respective non-profit organization.
In the charity selection process, The Cosmopolitan selects two of the charities and EveriCares selects two from a list of approved charities. New organizations can apply online to be considered for donations through Casinos Care. This program is available at casinos outside of Las Vegas too. You can see a full list of casino partners here.

How It Works

Once guests are ready to recoup their slot earnings at a ticket redemption kiosk, they will receive a prompt with the option to donate an amount of their choice to one of four organizations in-need. The machine presents brief descriptions of each charity. The kiosks will also show guests which organizations have received the most donations that day.
If guests aren’t sure which charity to select, they can choose “Donate To All Charities” to evenly distribute the selected amount to all four organizations.

Words From The Cosmopolitan

“The Cosmopolitan is proud to be the first resort on the Strip to offer what we feel is a compelling opportunity to further connect with our guests who are passionate about a cause close to their heart,” said Kevin Sweet, vice president of slot operations and marketing of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. “We look forward to watching this initiative grow and not only provide these organizations the much needed financial support they deserve, but to also bring brand awareness.”
“Social consciousness is a dedicated focus for The Cosmopolitan, and we are pleased to be at the forefront of a charitable initiative like the Giving Module,” said Chelle Adams, chief financial officer of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. “The resort’s core values reflect our continued efforts to positively impact the local community, and we welcome our guests’ involvement in further cultivating meaningful support of organizations in-need.”


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