We say this pretty often, but there’s a Las Vegas casino for everyone. There are properties for just about every budget, mood, and preference. There will be a lot of changes at the casino-resorts by the next time you visit Las Vegas. This might be a good time to re-evaluate your casino choices when visiting Las Vegas. In addition to your personal casino preferences, there are new health and safety plans to consider. After all, we all want to be healthy and safe when visiting a casino.
Not all casinos offer the same experience and not all operators have the ability to offer the same services. Here are a few things to at and about casinos to consider before returning to a cleaner and streamlined Las Vegas.

Mobile Check-In and Room Keys

MGM Resorts will allow guests to check into their room without touching a surface or even speaking with anyone. The company offers mobile check-in and mobile room keys accessible via cell phone. MGM Resorts also offers check-in and room keys via kiosk. This allows a guest to still get a physical room key without having human contact.
Caesars and some other casinos may offer similar room access but not all Las Vegas casinos offer this kind of access to their hotel rooms. If this matters then you might want to consider casino-resorts that offer these options.

Machine Games

New health and safety plans submitted to the Nevada Gaming Control Board from every casino will have lots of details on how casinos will clean the property. Cleaning schedules will be increased and there should be ample sanitizer and wipes available.
A recent study of gamblers showed that about 60% will return to casinos to play video poker, slot machines, and other electronic games. Only 35% of gamblers will return to play table games.
While there are cleaning plans for cards and chips, that won’t happen every time a player or dealer touches either. If machines are a top consideration for when you return to casinos you might want to find a casino that offers the kind of games you’re looking for.
Some casinos in Las Vegas have a great variety of slot machines. The Gold Coast has a huge slot floor. There are other casinos that offer better video poker returns. Red Rock Casino and South Point have good options. Electronic Table Games like blackjack and roulette without dealers aren’t found in every casino. The Venetian has plenty of these games available.

Location And Crowd

Crowds may not be as huge as you remember when Las Vegas casinos reopen but there will be people. Typically, the Vegas Strip is busier than the off-Strip casinos. That could be the opposite when casinos re-open.
Regional casinos around the country are already busy with pent up excitement from guests in the area. Las Vegas locals aren’t very different from locals visiting the closest casino to their house in other markets.
For example, during the company’s last earnings call Boyd Gaming’s CEO mentioned they will open the Las Vegas locals casinos before opening the tourist casinos in downtown Las Vegas.
Meanwhile, casino-resorts on the Vegas Strip will be opening with reduced capacity. Casino operators on the Vegas Strip are moving forward as if these properties will have fewer guests when the casinos reopen.
Most properties in Las Vegas will open with fewer amenities for guests. The big difference is that these are what make the experience at the casinos on the Vegas Strip so special.
Amenities like spas, restaurants, and bars will be limited. Additionally, dayclubs and nightclubs won’t be open right away. This could be a good time to look at new options when returning to Las Vegas.
The experience should be different wherever you go but this is something to consider when making plans.

Loyalty Club Offers

Not all casino loyalty clubs operate the same. Some will make better offers than others. The next visit to Las Vegas could be to a new property making a special offer. The casino business is transactional. You have money and casinos want you to spend it with them.
This might be a good time to either experiment with new loyalty clubs and their offers. It could be time to make the switch to an entirely new system with properties and offers that you’ve been wanting to try.

Corporate Values

Every casino corporation has different values. The shutdown of Las Vegas casinos has shed a light on some of those values. Do a little research on the company if this interests you.
While I prefer the best gambling odds and delicious restaurants, you may care more about how employees were treated during the shutdown. We’re all different but the closure of casinos seems to have shed some light on how casino operators do business.


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