In my opinion, chocolate can solve everything.  Sunburned?  Hot?  Hung-over?  Tired?  Hungry?  Eat some chocolate; it should be considered a food group.  During a recent trip, I was lucky enough to come across some incredible chocolate finds.  Check them out!

If you have a car, you cannot miss the opportunity to tour Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory.  It is a short distance from the strip and well worth the trip!  The entrance winds you through an M&M store with every color M&M’s imaginable along with cute souvenirs for kids of all ages.  After passing through the M&M portion, you past a glass wall of the chocolate factory and get an up close and personal view of how the chocolates are made.  At the end of this hallway, you can chose between a free sample of either milk or dark chocolate.  Then around the corner you will walk into the chocolate addicts dream, their chocolate store.  They have a display case full of chocolates that look as good as they taste, tables upon tables of every possible combination of chocolate/flavors and even homemade ice cream for those hot days.  Check out the brittle (my personal favorite), they even dunk that in chocolate!  Even if you can’t make it to the actual factory, make sure to check out their retail store located inside the Las Vegas airport.  You might miss out on the experience, but you won’t miss out on the taste!

Located in Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops is Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man.  This place has mastered using chocolate in both traditional and untraditional ways.  The food here is delicious, but the chocolate creations are beyond impressive.  You can’t go wrong with anything, but their fondue menu is fantastic and can please every chocolate lover.  Make sure you get some cookies to go, they have the perfect ratio of chocolate and the ones with nuts are my favorite.  They do have some prepackaged by the register or if you ask, they are more than happy to go grab a fresh one for you.

Looking for something a little more substantial and meal-like?  Check out Serendipity 3 in front of Caesar’s Palace for some Frozen Hot Chocolate French Toast.  If chocolate can be justified as breakfast, why not take advantage?  Could there be any better way to start the day?  It is as delicious as it sounds.  If that isn’t enough, add one of their many chocolate flavored milkshakes on the side.

Whoever created red velvet was a genius.  Chocolate that is fun shade of red draws even the most skeptical people’s attention.  Inside The Venetian and The Palazzo, you will find The Grand Lux Café.  It is the sister restaurant of the more recognized Cheesecake Factory.  They have red velvet pancakes, packed with just the right amount of cocoa and chocolate chips and then frosted with cream cheese icing.  Who said you couldn’t eat cake for breakfast?

Las Vegas is obviously filled with delicious food everywhere you turn and they have perfected the usage of chocolate.  It’s vacation… live a little and enjoy!


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