The day of free upgrades, the $20 trick and “did the real Caesar live here?” may become a thing of the past soon.


We’re entering an age where technology can expedite activities that used to require a person. Caesars Entertainment recognized that this trend was beginning a few years ago and tested self check-in at the Flamingo. The idea may have been a little ahead of its time as it was removed shortly after being introduced.


Have no fear if you’ve missed this technology as self check-in was reintroduced by Caesars Entertainment at The Linq Hotel last year. Self check-in at The Linq has been popular and the idea is expanding to other Caesars properties this year with more planned for in the future.


Caesars has brought self check-in back to the Flamingo and is debuting the technology at Caesars Palace. Caesars’ rollout of its new kiosk program is the latest stage in a technology solution to completely automate the check-in process, eliminating wait times and allowing you to start enjoying all Las Vegas has to offer even faster.


You may have noticed that Caesars Entertainment has been working on improving their tech offerings in the past year. They recently introduced keyless hotel room entry and The Cromwell, mobile check-in at various hotels and a new Total Rewards App that you can use many ways in Las Vegas, including self check-in.


“As the owner and operator of our resorts, we have the capability of providing our guests with the latest in innovation and hospitality-focused technology, offering a more social and integrated experience,” said Tariq Shaukat, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Caesars Entertainment. “The launch of self check-in now joins the ranks of already successful innovation for our resorts such as eKey keyless entry at The Cromwell and our ‘play by Total Rewards’ app.”


Instead of waiting in long check-in lines (especially at Flamingo and Caesars Palace) you can now head to the check-in kiosk to begin the check-in process. You will verify your ID and submit payment information right at the machine. You’ll either receive a printed key if your room is ready, or if it is not ready you’ll receive an alert to return when the room becomes available.


Additionally, anyone who booked a reservation directly through will have the ability to begin the check-in process at home or on the way to the hotel, either through the web or through Caesars Entertainment’s “play by Total Rewards” app. You’ll receive a notification to proceed to the kiosk to get keys when your room is ready.


Here’s a promo video of how the process could work.



This technology might not be for everyone so you don’t “have to” use the kiosk to check-in. You can still stand in line and speak with a human if you prefer. The downside of checking into a hotel in Las Vegas using a kiosk essentially removes the possibility of getting an upgrade by using your charm or a $20 trick.


Maybe Caesars or another hotel operator will add a bill acceptor to the kiosks so we can gamble $20 on a room upgrade. After all, this is still Vegas, baby!



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