Las Vegas casino operators continue to experiment with new technology in hotel rooms. Caesars Entertainment recently announced that they will begin using Ivy, a 24-hour virtual concierge service, at Caesars Palace and The Linq. Planet Hollywood will being to offer Ivy in February and it will be available in other Caesars Entertainment resorts this summer. The Cromwell and Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace have been using Ivy since 2016.
The addition of Ivy makes Caesars Entertainment the first major gaming company in Las Vegas to offer a widespread guest text messaging program with built-in artificial intelligence (you may be familiar with this term as “AI”).
Ivy and virtual concierge technology isn’t new or exclusive to Caesars Entertainment. The technology is available in hotels around the world. In Las Vegas, the Cosmopolitan introduced, Rose, a different kind of artificial intelligence chatbot last year (you can read about Rose here).
About Ivy
Ivy allows hotel guests to request services needed to enhance their stay from a mobile device. Ivy can book dining, entertainment, and spa appointments. Guests can also use the virtual concierge to make housekeeping and maintenance requests.
Ivy isn’t a robot that will replace human interaction. While Ivy is an automated artificial intelligence system, Caesars Entertainment will offer a human touch to Ivy when the service cannot automatically provide a confident response.
Hotel front desk agents and a specially trained universal agent team will be available to provide around the clock coverage to address requests or inquiries. The average resolution time for manual guest text messages is less than one minute. Even if the automated artificial intelligence can’t provide an answer automatically, Ivy should help keep most requests on your mobile device.
Ivy can still be used after you check out of the hotel. The artificial intelligence bot can obtain a copy of a bill or locate a missing item. According to Caesars Entertainment, guests who use Ivy rate their overall experience an average of five points higher than guests who knew about Ivy but did not engage.
“This technology allows us to elevate the guest experience and improve speed and efficiency, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels and seamless experiences for our guests,” says Michael Marino, senior vice president and chief experience officer for Caesars Entertainment. “Service is at the forefront of everything we do at Caesars Entertainment.”
Ivy Is A Compliment To Humans, Not A Replacement
Technology continues to change how we live and travel. More people are using their mobile devices to shop and to make travel plans. There’s less human interaction than 2 years ago, let alone 10, 20, and 30 years ago. However, you can still speak with a person if you need help from the front desk, concierge, housekeeping, etc.
There’s one important thing that should be noted about virtual concierge services. Ivy is provided by the hotel operator, in this case Caesars Entertainment, to promote their businesses. You will be directed to their restaurants, shows, etc. when asking for information. If you’re looking to go somewhere outside of the Caesars Entertainment ecosystem you probably want to speak with someone.


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