The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden is one of my favorite free attractions in Las Vegas. You probably know that if you read this blog often. Well, the holiday display is my favorite of the year at Bellagio. It’s beautiful, uplifting, and puts me in the holiday spirit. The display doesn’t change all that much from year to year and it’s still the best. This year the display allows guests to explore the majestic, imaginary world of Her Majesty Queen Bellissima. The theme is titled “Hopeful Holidays”.
The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are an homage to preparing the Queen’s quarters for the season. The Gardens are decked out with holiday-trimmed botanical elements. This year the Conservatory features a 42-foot-tall silvertip fir tree with thousands of sparkling lights. There’s also a beautiful oversized ornamental egg, four majestic horses pulling a lavishly decorated carriage and a slew of elves helping put everything together.
Guests will discover four scenes set in the garden beds at Bellagio’s Conservatory. Each section inside the Conservatory represents a holiday tradition or magical moment in the Queen’s enchanting wonderland.
“Our amazing horticulture and facilities teams at Bellagio work tirelessly to create and bring to life five themed displays throughout the year,” said Libby. “For our final display of 2020, we wanted to deliver a sense of joy and beauty to every person who visits, hoping each guest heads home with a beautiful new memory to share with loved ones as we head into a promising new year.”

Hopeful Holidays At Bellagio

Let’s take a detailed look at how Bellagio is decorating the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens for this holiday season.

West Garden

Some will think this is the highlight of the holiday display and I find it difficult to argue.
The largest object in the display is in the West Garden. This is where you’ll find the 42-foot tall fresh-cut silver-tipped fir tree from California’s Mt. Shasta. The tree is decorated with 7,000 white lights and 2,500 gold and red ornaments. Sitting atop the tree is a new glimmering Swarovski crystal tree topper. Simple and beautiful.
Around the trees, you’ll find a five-car toy train equipped with a live camera. The train moves and circles the base of the tree. This year the ice queen has a glamorous couture-inspired gown. It’s trimmed in fresh everlasting roses and crystals.
The best part of this whole attraction might be the family of Coca-Cola polar bears. Mama bear and Sister bear are each adorned in new crowns to match the Queen.
Bellagio Conservatory Winter Display 2020 - West Bed 02

North Garden

In the North Garden, guests will be greeted by an ornamental egg set in a fountain of flowing water. The egg is surrounded by a beautiful and seasonal bed of Poinsettia flowers.
The egg’s jewel-encrusted doors are open for all to see. This reveals a pair of red cardinals set in a snowy winter scene. There are mirrored stars overhead in this section of the display. There’s also a small forest of lit pine trees and oversized pinecones placed artistically throughout the bed.

East Garden

The East Garden is another highlight in the center when you walk through the display. In previous years, this might be where visitors entered the Gardens. This year guests will find themselves immersed in the Queen’s European-themed carriage. Two pearl-curtained windows and jewels decorate the carriage.
The carriage section features a red velvet interior and red carpet. Be patient when you reach this area. The coach is the centerpiece of the display and is a great opportunity for visitors to capture the perfect holiday photo.
Bellagio Conservatory Winter Display 2020 - East Bed 03
There are four freshly groomed 12-foot-tall white horses are dressed in their finest regalia and ready to carry the Queen into bright days ahead.

South Garden

This section of the Gardens is a nice touch by Bellagio owner MGM Resorts. It pays homage to the Bellagio team responsible for the Conservatory. “Each elf is working hard to create a magical experience like the talented, hard-working Bellagio designers, decorators, engineers, electricians, florists and gardeners.”
Besides the elves, the Queen’s playful puppy can be found playing next to a fireplace and festive floral-embellished furnishings.

Holiday Display by the Numbers

MGM Resorts shared some details about this year’s holiday display at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Feel free to wow your friends with random Vegas knowledge!

  • 13,780: Total flowers on display for the duration of the exhibit
  • 8,000: Poinsettias
  • 7,000: LED lights on the holiday tree
  • 2,500: Ornaments on the holiday tree
  • 2,300: White carnations and hydrangeas to create each baby polar bear
  • 322: Tufts of red velvet with crystal buttons inside the carriage
  • 75: Team members who participate in the display’s assembly
  • 25: Lit silvertip fir trees
  • 11: Hanging glimmering stars
  • 7: Elves
  • 6: Days to complete the change out
  • 5: Polar bears
  • 4: Horses

Like everything else this year, viewing the holiday display will be slightly different. The Conservatory and Gardens are set up for social distancing. This should keep visitors organized until the photo opp in the middle of the display.
Here are MGM Resorts’ Health & Safety measures for how the Conservatory will be experienced:

  • All guests will enter The Conservatory through a dedicated entryway; floor markers and employees will guide guests through the correct path
  • The number of guests allowed within The Conservatory at one time will be closely monitored by operations and security; when the space reaches capacity, guests will queue (physically distanced) while they wait for their opportunity to enter
  • The Bellagio team stationed within The Conservatory will encourage guests to continue moving through the space and exit when they are done enjoying the space so more guests can be accommodated
  • A dedicated path has been created, and is identified with floor markers, indicating the path guests can take to explore The Conservatory
  • One path within The Conservatory will be maintained for guests accessing the restaurants that sit within the space to allow them direct access



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