The slow road for Las Vegas to return to the destination so many people love continues. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak recently increased the 50 person limit on gatherings to 250 people. Additionally, some larger venues can petition to have even more people in attendance. Venues can be approved to allow to sell 10% of the seats available in the venue. For example, T-Mobile Arena might be allowed to have 2,000 of the 20,000 seats available for an event if their plan is approved.
Smaller entertainment venues inside casinos are already moving forward with programming. While Wynn Las Vegas recently closed Le Reve, the casino is bringing back a popular free show. The “Lake Of Dreams” just outside of SW Steakhouse and Parasol Down recently returned with its free show.
“I am proud that Wynn Las Vegas is the first casino resort to bring back the kind of big, bold entertainment experience The Strip has been waiting for,” said Matt Maddox, CEO of Wynn Resorts.

An All-New Lake of Dreams Returns To Wynn Las Vegas

Lake of Dreams first opened at Wynn Las Vegas in 2005. The original artistic team of the show reunited to reimagine the show for 2020.
The new Lake of Dreams takes place outdoors in an environmental theater with open-air patios for viewing. The show is a socially distanced experience for those who would rather be entertained outside of the casino rather than inside.
The new Lake of Dreams show has been in development for two years. The new shows are a journey that unfolds over 12 high-tech artistically diverse acts. The Lake of Dreams show can be trippy at times as it can combine magic, lights, film, music, sculpture, and puppetry. Yeah, puppetry.

New Show, New Experience

The re-imagined Lake of Dreams show takes on a whole new life thanks to new technology. Wynn Resorts made a $14 million state-of-the-art upgrade to the show. Every part of the custom-built outdoor theater received an upgrade. The show takes place on a 45-foot by 90-foot performance waterfall. The “stage” is framed by a three-acre lake, an 11-story mountain, and 1,500 pine trees.
Each act comes alive thanks to the latest cutting-edge equipment that has been added to the theater. There’s an invisible overhead 3D fly system, 4K video projectors, laser mapping, floating video orbs that project images from the inside, and more than 5,500 LED lights.
Lake of Dreams has always been more than just a video showing against the backdrop of a waterfall. The upgrades will take the experience to another level.

Something Old, Something New

The Lake of Dreams show has some old animatronic characters and several new players. The main characters today are “Lady Birds”. This trio of songbirds are always the life of the party and stand at 28-feet-tall while weighing 17,000-pounds.
The Astronaut is a space explorer making her way through an interstellar mission. This part of the show combines all of the theater’s new technology.
However, there’s one MAJOR returning star. Singing Frog is the iconic 30-foot amphibian and an original cast member. The frog was rebuilt with advanced robotics and returns with a new look. Wynn Slots app players will probably recognize this Wynn Las Vegas icon.
Highlights of new digital characters are Emoji Orbs. This is a duo of whimsical emoticons who joyfully express their love for each other. Electra is the show’s emcee. She’s made of pure light and flies through the air to interact with the audience.
The Swimmer is an underwater live-action film sequence that follows a mythical mermaid. The Lake of Dreams show also has a new soundtrack of modern pop hits and classic standards. Songs include “Born This Way,” “Lady Marmalade,” “Side Effects,” “New York, New York,” “I Got You Babe,” a stirring original cover of “Space Oddity,” and more.
The new Lake Of Dreams show is a marked improvement on the entertainment so many have enjoyed over the years at Wynn Las Vegas.


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