Vegas is known for many things, gambling, drinking and nightlife, but Vegas also has some of the best food out there.  Buffet’s typically offer a vast spread of food and focus on quantity, not quality.  They tend to be visited for their sheer consumption opportunity, not to experience delicious cuisine.  Nothing could be further than the truth at Vegas’ newest buffet at Caesar’s Palace.

Recently, Caesar’s Palace took on a huge project and spent a ridiculous amount of money to remodel their entire buffet.  The hard work and money was well spent. The décor is modern, sleek and classy while still paying respect to Caesar’s atmosphere.  The dining area can hold an impressive 600 people while serving hundreds of delicious items daily.  The food, service and experience are one of a kind.  Each item is carefully executed and delicious.  While the quantity is impressive, the quality is what makes them stand above the rest.

Their brunch is the best out there and will satisfy your every craving.  Arrive early, a line will quickly form.  The buffet might be a little overwhelming, but during the walk to your table the staff will give a tour and eagerly answer any questions.  Make sure to let them know of any dietary restrictions, in my experience they have been very vegetarian and gluten-free friendly.  Thankfully, proportions are small enough for you to taste anything that entices you.

You first pass a station filled with fresh juices.  Don’t expect to find the traditional orange, grape or cranberry, instead you will find juice mixtures with fresh kiwi, papaya, mango and other exotic ingredients.  There is also an impressive spread of the freshest seafood.  This area also features their twist of the typical brunch dishes, eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, grits, sausage, bacon, numerous types of potatoes, etc.  You will notice a deep fried section, where chefs continuously replenish potato pancakes, sweet potato tater tots and chicken fingers that are plated in the cutest mini deep fryer baskets.  In the main dining room you will also find an incredible display of fresh baked breads and pastries with countless toppings to slather on.  Keeping everyone’s tastes in mind, they have a yogurt bar for those with enough self control to pass up all the non-diet friendly foods.  This includes several different flavors of yogurt and granola and a great assortment of fresh cut fruits.  Unfortunately, to make your yogurt parfait, you must watch chefs make the most incredible miniature red velvet pancakes, regular pancakes, French toast and cereal coated French toast.

When you round the corner past the salsa and guacamole bar, you might be shocked to find an entire second room filled with more food.  Make sure to save room for the fresh made pizza and feel free to ask for a specific kind, they are more than happy to oblige!  There is also a chef preparing pasta made to order next to already prepared pasta dishes.  You will also find a meat and cheese spread in the back room along with an entire section dedicated to authentic Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Most importantly is the dessert island.  You might want to visit this area first just to ensure you have enough room!  The highlight of the dessert bar is the made to order crepes.  They have all the toppings you could ever want, fresh berries, homemade whipped crème, nutella, chocolate and raspberry sauces, caramel sauce… you get the idea.  While you wait for your crepe to be prepared you will notice the gorgeous glass cookie jars overflowing with fresh baked cookies and the glass canisters with yummy candies.  If you can make your way past those you will find dozens of other sweets and treats including a full gelato bar, a cupcake display and even churros.

The Bacchanal Buffet has mastered every aspect of a great dining experience.  Each item is perfectly prepared and plated, the service is some of the most accommodating I have experienced and you can’t beat the price.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Average Buffet Price
- Breakfast: $20+
- Lunch: $30+
- Dinner: $40+

Photo Credit - Pulse of Vegas


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