Las Vegas is so many things to many people. About 75% of the visitors stay on the Vegas Strip. However, there’s still 25% of the 42 million visitors that stay elsewhere. That’s more than 10 million people visiting Las Vegas who stay elsewhere.
I recently visited a local hotel and casino in Summerlin to see what it’s like. This isn’t a traditional casino-hotel. Rampart is the casino and J.W. Marriott is its own hotel. The two hotel towers connect to the casino with a hallway. The casino and hotel work nicely together but are distinctly separate.
Rampart Casino and J.W. Marriott are in Summerlin, about 20 minutes west of the Vegas Strip. Depending on your tower, the hotel may look out to the beautiful TPC Summerlin golf course and Red Rock Canyon. This golf course is a must play if you’re a golfer and stay at the hotel.
Rampart Casino is flanked by Suncoast Casino. The popular Boyd Casinos property has plenty of amenities of their own including a movie theater, bowling alley. They also have everything else you’d expect from a casino-hotel in Las Vegas. Across the street from Rampart is Angel Park golf course and the Tivoli Village shopping district with a plethora of stores.
My goal on a recent visit was to scout Rampart Casino to see if it would be a suitable casino to work and play. I also explored the Palms tower at J.W. Marriott. There have been quite a few updates to the casino since my first visit about six years ago. Here are a few things that stood out.
Sportsbook at Rampart Casino
Last year Rampart Casino opened a new sportsbook. This is one of the best unknown sportsbooks in Las Vegas. The screens are large and bright. While the size of the space isn’t as large as the Westgate or Red Rock the screens are on par with the best in Las Vegas.
The viewing area is exceptional. There’s a wide variety of seating including lounge chairs, office style chairs, and even couches in the bar area. The bar area is fairly large with a small lounge in between the sportsbook and bar.
Sports bettors will love that Rampart Casino uses odds that originate from the South Point Hotel and Casino. These are among the best odds you’ll find in Las Vegas. For work purposes, there’s a dedicated wifi signal and tables with comfortable chairs to eat, drink, and work.
This is one of the most improved amenities at Rampart Casino and J.W. Marriott. Most of the restaurants are off the casino floor. This means they’re mostly away from the smoky casino. The coffee shop is the one restaurant that is exposed to the casino. The strong point here is that they have good prices and very good specials.
The other restaurants are away from the casino floor and offer good food at good prices. Hawthorn Grill at J.W. Marriott has a great happy hour. Paying half price for the burger at a steakhouse is one of the best deals you’ll find in a casino. The beer selection is small but they’re also half price during happy hour.
Again, my mission on this day was to find places to work and there are plenty of options. The deli, sportsbook, and Starbucks each have their own wifi and are secluded from the noise of the casino. Starbucks is the furthest away and features an outdoor seating area for when it’s not 115 degrees outside.
J.W. Marriott is in close proximity to multiple golf courses. The golf course next door, TPC Summerlin, is one of the courses the professionals play when they’re in town. Angel Park is across the street and offers a variety of experiences.
J.W. Marriott is a great location if you’re looking for a golf weekend in Vegas that has quick access to a casino, good food, and multiple golf courses.
The Great Outdoors
Gardens at Rampart Casino
I’ve been to Rampart Casino and J.W. Marriott more than a few times over the years but I’ve been contained inside the casino, hotel, and restaurants. My recent visit took me outside where I found a soothing walking area with manicured gardens, a lake, streams, a gazebo and areas where you could just sit and read.
The outdoor scenery between the casino and hotel is gorgeous and unique. You won’t find this environment at many casino-hotels anywhere in Las Vegas. The wifi signals from the restaurants reach outside so you can sit in the grass and work or facetime with your friends and family.
Renovated Suites
Rampart Suite
J.W. Marriott just introduced two beautiful new suites. The Aviation Suite in the Palms Tower is 2,400 square feet and has a separate kitchen and dining room, two living rooms, one huge King bedroom and a huge bathroom with a view of the golf course that is to die for.
The Penthouse Suite has a different look and has a large wrap-around balcony off the main living space with views of the Las Vegas Strip, pool, and Red Rock Canyon. There are more basic renovated suites available at J.W. Marriott – these are just the two newest.


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