Visiting Las Vegas is sometimes about enjoying a life that you don’t normally live. Before moving to Las Vegas I often used my trips Las Vegas to explore living above my means for a day or two. My friends and I would often take one night to live above our means.
Some would suit up while others would just dress up for a night. A great steak and a few bottles of wine would get the evening started. In between events, there would often be a cigar with a fancy cocktail to relax before the party continued at a club before ending inside of a casino.
Cigars are an acquired taste. I’m not a fan of cigar smoke in my everyday life. I’m not the only person that feels this way. The smell is frequently frowned upon by the public that doesn’t enjoy the delicious scent of a good smoke. However, there’s no holding back the excitement when I’m in the mood for a cigar.
Those of us who don’t smoke often find it easier to enjoy a cigar in an environment of likeminded people and with good ventilation. There are a few cigar bars around the Vegas Strip where you can light one up without bothering a non-smoker.

Montecristo Cigar Bar (Caesars Palace)

Caesars Palace is a massive property with many bars and restaurants. Montecristo Cigar Bar is probably my favorite bar to visit whether I’m smoking or not. The staff and quality of drinks are each second to none other at Caesars Palace. The smoking environment isn’t bad either.
The 4,000-square-foot plus space has two rooms to smoke, a video poker bar, and a separate humidor that houses a nice collection of cigars. There’s even a 10 person private room should you want to have a meeting over a delicious scotch and cigar.
The main Library Room has comfortable leather chairs and couches with a great view of the large screen TV. Montecristo is a short walk from the sportsbook and is a relaxing place to watch the games after placing a wager. They offer food from Old Homestead Steakhouse if you’re in the mood to add food to your cigar experience.
Over the years, I’ve visited just about every cigar lounge inside of a casino to see which I like best. Since Montecristo opened in 2016, I haven’t gone anywhere else on the Vegas Strip for a cigar more than once to see what they have. I just keep returning to the best bar at Caesars Palace.

Davidoff Of Geneva (Fashion Show Mall)

I tend to stay inside casinos when visiting the Vegas Strip. It was a surprise to learn that one of the best cigar bars was at a mall. There are multiple Davidoff Of Geneva cigar outlets on the Vegas Strip. However, the cigar bar gives smokers a relaxing location to smoke.
One of the best features for Davidoff Of Geneva at the Fashion Show Mall is the ability to enjoy the relaxing indoor environment or the gorgeous Las Vegas weather, fresh air, and great view outside on the Vegas Strip.
This might not be the best cigar bar for cigar aficionados. They don’t have the largest cigar selection in town. The options are probably ample enough for the person looking to enjoy that once a year cigar. The combination of great service, delicious cocktails, and the inside/outside environment is perfect for someone looking place to enjoy that one good smoke of the year.

Casa Fuente (Caesars Forum Shops)

Before Montecristo opened inside of the casino there was Casa Fuente in the Caesars Palace Forum Shops. The humidor has a great selection of cigars for guests to stay and smoke or take on the road. They have delicious drink pairings from espresso to fine scotch, mojitos, and sangria. Casa Fuente has a unique drinking/smoking combination for every mood.
When I first started smoking cigars in Las Vegas I used to frequent Casa Fuente. Every person on staff is educated on the cigars and offers insight into what you’re actually smoking. I felt like I knew more about cigars after leaving the humidor. That knowledge has been helpful over the years.
Casa Fuente has its own special addition sherry cask whiskey from Taiwan that is delicious. That said, I prefer drinking their sangria with my cigars here. Their special recipe is unlike any other and goes perfectly with the spice of a cigar.


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