The end of the year gives us a chance to look back at what was new and popular in Las Vegas. Today we’ll look at some of the most visited locations in Las Vegas according to rideshare company Lyft.
For the fourth year, Lyft is celebrating the Lyftie Awards. We typically look at the year-end Uber awards but this year Lyft has expanded the Lyfties into Las Vegas. Their list celebrates bars, concerts, gyms, neighborhoods, and more.
Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft in Las Vegas are convenient and cost-effective for both tourists and locals alike. Trying to get friends to visit my house 15 minutes away from downtown or the Vegas Strip is nearly impossible. I tend to use Uber and Lyft for the night out with friends visiting.
After reviewing the awards, Lyft riders seem to include more locals than the Uber riders. You’ll see a good cross section of locations that are popular with both tourists and people who live in Las Vegas.
“Lyft helps locals and tourists experience and connect with their city in new and interesting ways. We’re proud to support the local Las Vegas community through convenient, affordable rides and by providing a flexible earning opportunity,” said Yacob Girma, Lyft Nevada’s general manager.
Girma continues, “The Lyfties are a way for us to recognize the places that truly make Las Vegas unique and to say thank you for sharing a ride with us to places like Caesars Palace and the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center.”

2018 Lyftie Award Winners

The winners for the 2018 Lyftie Awards in Las Vegas are:

  • Most Visited Late Night Neighborhood: Las Vegas Strip
  • The Most Popular Concert Venue: Downtown Las Vegas Event Center
  • Most Visited Bar: PT’s
  • Only in Las Vegas: Caesars Palace
  • Most Visited Restaurant for Brunch: Carnival Buffet at the Rio All-Suites
  • The Most Visited Restaurant for Late Night: Pho Kim Long
  • Most Visited Fitness Studio/Gym: Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC)


Vegas Strip
It’s no surprise that both tourists and Las Vegas locals would be visiting the Las Vegas Strip more than any neighborhood in town. As I mentioned I use Uber or Lyft to get to the Vegas Strip when I have friends in town since I’ll usually have a drink or two. Better safe than sorry. Tourists often use the services to visit different casinos for dinner, drinks, etc.
Speaking of better safe than sorry…It’s nice to see PT’s on this list. Las Vegas locals love the chain of video poker bars. More than enough locals would just drive to the taverns before Lyft and Uber. Of course, after having a few too many drinks some would drive home.
The rideshare companies are affordable enough that taking a car to and from the local bar isn’t cost prohibitive. That’s a good thing for everyone.
Pho Kim Long
It’s only a moderate surprise to see Pho Kim Long on this list. Multiple people took me to Pho Kim Long when I moved to Las Vegas. My first visit was to try Vietnamese food for the first time. It tasted as I expected. No big deal.
The second visit to Pho Kim Long was a morning meeting to try Vietnamese coffee and donuts for the first time. ZOOM ZOOM! Both were amazing. My friend was a bit hungover and had a massive bowl of soup. Bang, zoom, he was back to normal when it was finished.
Since the second visit, I’ve had countless locals tell me they locals tell me that this is their go-to restaurant after a night on the Vegas Strip. I’d rather have a burger but that’s just me. I’m happy to have been introduced to Vietnamese coffee because it’s become a favorite sweet treat.
There are lots of great and inexpensive Asian restaurants on Spring Mountain near Pho Kim Long. It’s definitely worth hopping in a Lyft or Uber to try a new and delicious restaurant in the area.

More Lyfties

You can see the Lyftie Awards for Las Vegas here. You can see the Lyftie Awards for other cities around the country here.


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