March Madness 2017 in Vegas

Wednesday, 22 February 2017 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

The first weekend of March Madness is more than just a weekend. It’s actually a loooooong weekend. The first weekend of the NCAA (college) basketball tournament will begin around 9 am on Thursday, March 16 and will end around 8 pm on Sunday, March 19. This weekend is so long because many serious college basketball fans will begin on Wednesday.
In recent years, the first weekend of March Madness has started rival Super Bowl weekend as the busiest time of the year for sports fans in Las Vegas. Even though the tournament lasts all month, the first weekend is the only weekend that’s a big deal in Las Vegas. The other games don’t draw nearly as many people.
There are nearly 100 games during the first four days of March Madness. The sports books are packed with people wagering on the action. The lines to place wagers in the sports books tend to be slower than normal. First of all, college sports fans tend to be younger than professional sports fans and that brings a lot of young and new bettors to Las Vegas. New bettors are usually slow to place their wagers. Similar to the Super Bowl, there are just a lot of people in Las Vegas for the weekend.
The action doesn’t slow down when the games are over. Even before the final buzzer of the last game goes off you’ll see sports fans heading out to enjoy all Las Vegas has to offer. Restaurants, bars, shows, clubs, casinos will be packed. These four days are magical for a sports fans and a fun time for anyone who loves the chaos in Las Vegas.
The first two days of March Madness have 16 games packed into 12 hours. There are often between two and four games happening on at the same time. This action is what makes the beginning of March Madness so popular all over the country.
Saturday and Sunday have a manageable eight games per day. Since there are so many games it can be difficult to get a seat in a sports book to watch the games. Much like the Super Bowl, you may want to look into other options to watch the games.
Outside of the sports book, the options to watch the games during March Madness are similar to the Super Bowl:

  • Casino Bar
  • Walk Into A Bar and/or Restaurant
  • Free Parties
  • Paid Viewing Parties

You can read more about these events from the post for watching the Super Bowl.
The last thing anyone wants to do in Las Vegas is to stand in line instead of enjoying the action. This is a time where you should seriously consider a sports wagering app to avoid most of the lines. You can see a list of apps here. While you can download an app from anywhere you can only use the mobile sports wagering apps in Nevada, you must sign up for an account in person.
If you’d like to avoid the lines in the sports book, you can look for a sports wagering kiosk. The majority of sports bettors like to place wagers with a person. This leaves the self-serve kiosks relatively quiet. Most William Hill sports book locations have a kiosk. Other properties, like Caesars Entertainment properties, will offer a kiosk just for this occasion.
The first weekend of March Madness is one of the most fun times for a sports fan in Las Vegas. Basketball isn’t the fun during this weekend. Don’t forget, this year the Madness happens at the same time as St. Patrick’s Day. Party.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Residencies 2017

Friday, 17 February 2017 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

Caesars Entertainment recently announced that Pitbull will return for another string of shows for his “Time Of Our Lives” residency. This will be the third year that Pitbull has a blast of shows at the Axis Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. This year’s “Time Of Our Lives” shows will take place from July 21 through August 5. Here are the specific show dates:
July: 21, 22, 26, 28, 29
August: 2, 4, 5
Caesars Entertainment and Planet Hollywood have put together a solid residency roster at Axis Theater for 2017. Performers include Pitbull, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and the Backstreet Boys. In addition to the residency shows, Axis Theater is host to national touring bands and performers throughout the year.
The residency shows for each performer alternate throughout the year so that there’s always something different to see. Here are performances sorted by date for Britney Spears “Piece of Me,” Jennifer Lopez “All I Have,” and Backstreet Boys new “Larger Than Life” residencies at Planet Hollywood in 2017:
Sat 02/18/17 Jennifer Lopez
Tue 02/21/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 02/24/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 02/25/17 Jennifer Lopez
Wed 03/01/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 03/03/17 Backstreet Boys
Sat 03/04/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 03/08/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 03/10/17 Backstreet Boys
Sat 03/11/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 03/15/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 03/17/17 Backstreet Boys
Sat 03/18/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 03/22/17 Britney Spears
Fri 03/24/17 Britney Spears
Sat 03/25/17 Britney Spears
Wed 03/29/17 Britney Spears
Fri 03/31/17 Britney Spears
Sat 04/01/17 Britney Spears
Wed 04/05/17 Britney Spears
Fri 04/07/17 Britney Spears
Sat 04/08/17 Britney Spears
Wed 04/12/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 04/14/17 Backstreet Boys
Sat 04/15/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 04/19/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 04/21/17 Backstreet Boys
Sat 04/22/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 04/26/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 04/28/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 05/03/17 Britney Spears
Fri 05/05/17 Britney Spears
Sat 05/06/17 Britney Spears
Wed 05/10/17 Britney Spears
Fri 05/12/17 Britney Spears
Sat 05/13/17 Britney Spears
Wed 05/17/17 Britney Spears
Fri 05/19/17 Britney Spears
Sat 05/20/17 Britney Spears
Wed 05/24/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 05/26/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 05/27/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sun 05/28/17 Jennifer Lopez
Wed 05/31/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 06/02/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 06/03/17 Jennifer Lopez
Wed 06/07/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 06/09/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 06/10/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sun 06/11/17 Jennifer Lopez
Wed 06/14/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 06/16/17 Backstreet Boys
Sat 06/17/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 06/21/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 06/23/17 Backstreet Boys
Sat 06/24/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 06/28/17 Backstreet Boys
Fri 06/30/17 Backstreet Boys
Sat 07/01/17 Backstreet Boys
Wed 08/09/17 Britney Spears
Fri 08/11/17 Britney Spears
Sat 08/12/17 Britney Spears
Wed 08/16/17 Britney Spears
Fri 08/18/17 Britney Spears
Sat 08/19/17 Britney Spears
Wed 08/23/17 Britney Spears
Fri 08/25/17 Britney Spears
Sat 08/26/17 Britney Spears
Wed 08/30/17 Britney Spears
Fri 09/01/17 Britney Spears
Sat 09/02/17 Britney Spears
Wed 09/06/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 09/08/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 09/09/17 Jennifer Lopez
Wed 09/13/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 09/15/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 09/16/17 Jennifer Lopez
Wed 09/20/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 09/22/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 09/23/17 Jennifer Lopez
Wed 09/27/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 09/29/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 09/30/17 Jennifer Lopez
Wed 10/04/17 Jennifer Lopez
Fri 10/06/17 Jennifer Lopez
Sat 10/07/17 Jennifer Lopez

St. Patrick’s Weekend 2017 in Las Vegas

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas and Nightlife.

In the best way, March in Las Vegas really brings the Madness. The long weekend of Thursday, March 16 through Sunday, March 19 is one of the most fun weekends of the year. Las Vegas is a national destination for a combustible combination of people visiting for Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day and the first weekend of March Madness. It’s also a time where many locals mingle with tourists.
While activities in Las Vegas typically draw people of all ages, this weekend generally attracts a younger crowd. You’ll find spring breakers partying like there’s no tomorrow. Sports fans and sports bettors will be awake from the first tip of the college basketball tournament at 9 am each day and partying until the sun rises again. Saint Patrick’s Day attracts crowds of all ages, some looking for debauchery and others looking for a more familial celebration of the day.
The first weekend of March Madness is always one of the busiest sports weekends of the year. Spring break usually falls during this time and brings more than just sports fans to Las Vegas. The years when St. Patrick’s Day falls during this weekend can be explosive in a great way. This weekend brings three different groups of people all looking for fun.
March Madness, Spring Break & St. Patrick’s Day Fun
The first weekend of March Madness is the busiest of the college basketball tournament because of a) there are a lot of games played and b) you can legally wager on all of those games. Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 each has 16 games beginning at 9 am and ending around 9 pm. The pace slows down on Saturday, March 18 and Sunday, March 19 when each day only has 8 games.
Sports books will be overflowing all day and night. Many casinos, bars, and restaurants will have parties that offer food and drink to go along with seats for you to watch the games. Some of these parties will have mobile betting stations so you can skip the sports book. It’s a great time for all sports fans but the fun doesn’t end there.
Spring break brings out the hardcore partiers. Most dayclubs won’t be popping off like the summer, but the nightclubs bring in A-List talent for those looking for entertainment. You’ll find that many of the big name Las Vegas residencies will have shows that sell out shows for this weekend. This group of mostly college students don’t need all that much more than just being in Las Vegas and enjoying everything Sin City has to offer.
St. Patrick’s Day brings out a few different groups of people in addition to those already in Las Vegas. Many people from nearby states like California and Arizona will visit just to celebrate some away from home. There are whiskey and beer specials at bars all over town. Local residents will often make an appearance on the Vegas Strip to partake in the parties.
One of the larger celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day takes place at New York-New York. The Celtic Feis festival takes place on March 17 and 18. Festivities kick off on Friday, March 17 with live entertainment beginning at 11 a.m. on the Brooklyn Bridge. The Las Vegas Pipe Band will lead a parade at 10 a.m., starting on the Mezzanine and continuing through New York-New York. The parade is complimentary and open to guests of all ages. Starting at noon on March 17, guests must be at least 21 years of age and admission starts at $10.
Between the Brooklyn Bridge and Nine Fine Irishmen, my favorite Irish Bar in Las Vegas, you’ll find Irish food, booze, music and more. It’s a true celebration or the holiday that you might not expect to find on the Vegas Strip.
Beyond all of this, the weather is just heating up and it’s a great time to be outside in Las Vegas. This is probably my favorite weekend to be on the Vegas Strip. You might want to get busy, if you want to visit for this weekend and haven’t already made plans.

Downtown Vegas Changes

Friday, 10 February 2017 by Blog Category: Downtown - Old Vegas.

Las Vegas is always changing. While we tend to focus on the changes happening on the Vegas Strip, there are businesses opening and closing all over town. Today, we’ll look at some of the changes you may have missed in downtown Las Vegas.
Ten years ago, you might have thought of downtown Las Vegas as just an old part of town with nothing new to offer. Old Vegas has come a long way and continues to evolve. There are now things to do all over the area considered downtown Las Vegas.
The casino corridor, Fremont Street, is keeping up with the rest of Las Vegas. The casino area continues to change in ways you won’t see anywhere else in Las Vegas. Not only are casinos receiving updates but local bars and restaurants are changing hands.
The Plaza
You may remember last summer when the Plaza opened their new rooftop pool deck. Well, the changes haven’t stopped. The casino continues to move forward. They’ve recently added some beautiful giant murals outside of the casino and will continue inside with a new deli opening soon.
Last year Boyd Gaming renovated the entire hotel and casino. All of the rooms have been updated. Some of the restaurants have changed and there’s a new and beautiful sports book and bar. The Cal is located a block away from the Fremont Street Experience so you may have never seen this property. Another reason to visit The Cal — No resort fee.
Golden Gate
One of the most popular breakfast restaurants in downtown Las Vegas just closed. DuPar’s at the Golden Gate abruptly shut its doors on February 8. Since this is the only restaurant at the hotel, expect to see a new restaurant move in quickly.
The Golden Gate is expanding to the casino formerly known as La Bayou. The new space will add additional slot machines and hopefully more breathing space. The small casino can feel a bit claustrophobic at times.
El Cortez
Siegel’s 1941 and Pizza Lotto aren’t new but they’re not old. If you haven’t been to the casino in a while, you may not recognize these restaurants. Siegel’s is a good all-around coffee shop with an excellent grilled cheese.
The newest addition to the El Cortez is a bar near Pizza Lotto and the Keno area. There is room to lounge on one side of the bar and video poker machines to play on the casino side. The addition of the bar also made room for the casino floor to shift around. You may not notice it but there are more table games for when it’s busy.
The D
The D looks mostly the same as it did a year ago, but they’ve added a mobile coffee stand. The stand is open daily near the hotel lobby from 6 am to 5 pm. After it closes, the stand folds up to make room for the party. This is a welcome addition to The D since the only cup of coffee available at 6 am was at McDonald’s.
Las Vegas Club, Mermaids, Glitter Gulch
These three properties are closed and will become one massive casino-hotel in the future. Details haven’t been released yet, but don’t be surprised when you see this half of the block closed on Fremont Street.
Off Fremont Street
The area surrounding Fremont Street has become sort of a cool place for new bars and restaurants. Here are a few highlights of what’s come and gone in the past year.
Glutton, The Beat, and Itsy Bitsy Ramen & Whiskey have all closed. Donut Bar and Evel Pizza have opened. Atomic Kitchen should be opening any day now.

AAA Discounts In Las Vegas

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

You tend to not think about home and real life when you’re in Las Vegas. It’s understandable since that’s often the purpose of visiting Las Vegas. However, one of the best ways to find discounts in Las Vegas comes from your home life. Many of us have a membership with the American Automobile Association and rarely think about it in Las Vegas because we’re not driving. It still might not be front of mind even if we are driving.
Heck, I have AAA and live in Las Vegas and rarely think about the discounts it offers when I’m wanderings Las Vegas like a tourist. AAA is a great resource for discounts wherever you are. They currently have well over 150 discounts available in Las Vegas. There’s even a free “perks” book that members can order.
While all of the discounts are geared towards local residents, you’ll find many that you can use wherever you’re from. Here’s a quick look at the AAA discounts in Las Vegas that would appeal more to people visiting.
MGM Resorts (Aria, Bellagio and more) – Save 10%
Marriott (Cosmopolitan and more) – Save 5%
Best Western (Casino Royale and more) – Save 10%
Hilton and Double Tree Hotels (Tropicana, Elara at Planet Hollywood and more) – Save 5%
Embassy Suites (Elara at Planet Hollywood and more) – Save 5%
Four Points by Sheraton (Westin and more) – Save 15%
Blue Man Group – Save up to 30%
Cirque Du Soleil – Save up to 20%
Chart House – Save 10% on food and non-alcoholic drinks
Hard Rock Cafe – (All locations) Save 10% on food and non-alcoholic drinks
Dollar Rental Cars – Save 10%
Hertz Rental Cars- Save 20%
Thrifty Rental Cars – Save 8%
Exotics Racing – Save 10%
Miracle Mile Shops – Free Coupon Book
Super Shuttle (to and from airport) – Save $2 per person
UPS Store – Save 15%
Ticketmaster – Save up to 50% on tickets has put together a list of AAA deals you can book online. Visit here.
There are plenty more AAA discounts available in Las Vegas, but most won’t be of interest to you unless you break your glasses, damage your car, and so forth. If you’re a AAA member looking to save a few bucks on your next visit to Las Vegas make sure you visit to see if there are any deals available. You may be surprised with that you find.

KA by Cirque du Soleil Ticket Giveaway Package

Thursday, 02 February 2017 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

It’s Always Pool Season In Las Vegas!

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

When the temperatures hit 50 degrees for the first time of the year, you hear the Las Vegas locals yelling that “it’s FREEZING.” Having grown up in the northeast, my blood still hasn’t thinned to that level. Not yet. However, it is winter in Las Vegas and the temperatures are cooler than the rest of the year.
Pool season in Las Vegas technically begins on Memorial Day Weekend and ends on Labor Day Weekend. You might think that pools close after pool season. That’s not quite the case. There is a good of the pools in Las Vegas remain open during the winter and early spring.
Even though it’s cooler during the days, the Las Vegas sun always heats things up a little. It’s never really cold in Las Vegas and it’s always pool season for someone. Las Vegas is always considered to be a somewhat tropical paradise to vacation. That can be the case for locals too.
The temperatures were in the low 60’s yesterday so I hopped into the car to grab some iced coffee and go for a drive. As usual, my car ended up near a casino where I was driving on a long and winding street lined with palm trees. The fresh air, cool drink, and warmth from the sun was a good reminder of why I chose to live in Las Vegas.
While it may, technically, not be pool season the temperatures in Las Vegas are on the rise. The temperatures during spring are probably my favorite of the year in Las Vegas. Here are some pools where you can take a dip before the summer begins if you’re not daunted by temperatures that are cooler than the summer.

  • Aria
  • Bellagio
  • Caesars Palace
  • Casino Royale
  • Circus Circus
  • Cosmopolitan
  • The D
  • Golden Nugget
  • Hard Rock
  • Harrah’s
  • The Linq
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Grand
  • The Mirage
  • Paris Las Vegas
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Rio
  • The Venetian
  • Wynn

The winter pool experience in Las Vegas is somewhat muted from what you’ll typically enjoy during the summer. The pools operate on limited hours during the off-season (winter and early spring). Hours of operation are usually limited to mid-late morning (9 or 10 am) until late afternoon-early evening (4 or 5 pm). Additionally, the hotels that have multiple pools may only have one open until it’s officially pool season.
If you’re serious about taking a dip before pool season, I recommend checking with the hotel right before you visit to make sure they’ll be open. Since fewer people are visiting the pools right there the property may decide to clean or renovate at any time.

Cheap Upgrades With The $20 Trick In Las Vegas

Friday, 27 January 2017 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

There are a lot of things that happen in Las Vegas that don’t happen in many other cities in America. In this case, I’m not talking about “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” or anything related to the sin of Sin City.
I’m talking about the “$20 Trick.” This isn’t something exclusive to Las Vegas, but it’s something that has blossomed here. Over the years the $20 Trick has become sort of legendary and mythical. The goal of this “trick” is to get a free hotel room upgrade for the entirety of your stay. Free upgrades have been great while also being exaggerated at times.
Today, the $20 trick would be considered more of a travel hack than a trick. In fact, if the $20 Trick was created today it would be called something similar to “Vegas Room Upgrade Hack” or simply the “$20 Hack.” While it’s not always effective, the $20 Trick is real and sometimes can change your Las Vegas vacation in ways you never imagined. Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a $20 bill and place between your credit card and driver’s license when checking into a hotel.
  2. Ask for a complimentary upgrade.
  3. Mention if you’re in Las Vegas for a birthday, anniversary, or special event. That can only help.

That’s it.
The $20 Trick isn’t magic, but the results can be fantastic. There may be visions of upgrading a basic room into an opulent suite. That may happen but this is the exception and not the rule in Las Vegas today.
Since hotels on the Vegas Strip charge for every kind of upgrade imaginable today, the desk agent might not have much flexibility to bump you all the way up. Your $20 Trick upgrade may “only” be to the next level room or a better view. These are still upgrades but not to the best room in the hotel.
When the $20 Trick was first used in Las Vegas the hotels didn’t put much of a focus on selling upgrades. That’s changed in the past couple of years. Not only can you pay for an upgrade when reserving your hotel room, but you’ll be offered the upgrade again when you check-in.
Last year, MGM Resorts generated $9.3 million in upsell revenue for the fourth quarter alone. Thanks, in part to the $20 Trick, upgrades have become big business for Las Vegas hotels. Even though the free upgrades available may not be what they used to with the $20 Trick, you can still find them. After all, nontaxable income (your $20) is always welcome in Las Vegas.
Even if the $20 Trick doesn’t bring a suite that it might have 5 years ago, the Trick can still get you a better hotel room, nicer view, or save you money. If all else fails the desk agent might be able to remove those pesky resort fees for the tip. It’s not fancy but $20 may save you $50 for a weekend.
The $20 Trick works best when the hotel isn’t busy. You’ll have an easier time finding an upgrade on a slow weekday instead of a busy weekend. Likewise, you have a better chance of getting an upgrade when the hotel isn’t packed with people in Las Vegas for a convention. Room availability is your friend when you’re looking for a free hotel upgrade. This is something to keep in mind when booking a room.
Before trying the $20 Trick, you might want to do some research to see how others have done. and Front Desk Tip (Full disclosure, I also write for their blog) are excellent websites. You can also find information on the $20 Trick and other happenings in Las Vegas at Vegas Message Board forums.

New Restaurants On The Vegas Strip

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas and Food.

If there’s one thing in Las Vegas that changes more than anything else, it’s the restaurants. Dining trends and customer preferences are evolve so quickly that the restaurant industry has a act quickly. When I first moved to Las Vegas, every casino was rushing to add two kinds of restaurant. It seemed as though every casino was looking to offer a high-end steakhouse and a fancy burger restaurant.
The trend of more beef on the strip has slowed in the past 5 years. Last year there was an influx of fine dining on the Vegas Strip with restaurants like Carbone at Aria and Harvest at Bellagio opening to rave reviews. The new year is off to a busy start with a slew of new restaurants already opening on the Vegas Strip.
Giordano’s (Bally’s Grand Bazaar)
This restaurant chain was born in Chicago and now has locations all over the country. This small chain of restaurants is famous for their deep dish pizza. Beyond “pizza,” (this New Yorker says deep dish isn’t pizza) they serve other traditional Italian dishes. Prices are moderate for the Vegas Strip.
In N Out Burger (The Linq Promenade)
Everyone’s favorite California-based fast food burger chain finally has a location on the Vegas Strip. The prices are a bit more than you’d pay if away from the Vegas Strip but the markup isn’t too bad. It’s almost as if they just added the taxi or rideshare prices into each item on the menu.
Momofuku (Cosmopolitan)
David Chang is one of the more popular young restaurateurs in America today. With Momofuku, he brings his unique take on Asian dining to Las Vegas. This is one of the few restaurants on the Vegas Strip where you can find ramen.
Milk Bar (Cosmopolitan)
This is another David Chang restaurant and it’s located next to Momofuku at the Cosmopolitan. Milk Bar is a dessert bar that features cakes, cookies, ice cream and boozy milkshakes. This is more of a walk up stand than an actual restaurant. If ice cream after ramen sounds tasty, you can order dessert while dining at Momofuku.
Stripside Cafe (Caesars Palace)
This restaurant take over the space of Serendipity 3 outside of Caesars Palace. The Stripside Cafe has traditional American cafe food with a view of the Vegas Strip. I just want to give a word of caution with this restaurant. There’s usually a price increase when dining on the Vegas Strip but this restaurant takes it to another level. Take a look at the menu before visiting.
Honorable Mention: Redneck Riviera (Bally’s Grand Bazaar)
Redneck Riviera is a new country music bar brought to you by John Rich of Big and Rich fame. In addition to playing country music all day, this bar features live band performances. It’s not a restaurant but they do serve food from another Grand Bazaar tenant, Wahlburger’s.
Coming soon: Zuma (Cosmopolitan)
This high end Japanese restaurant has three kitchens and will offer a unique level of Asian dining not found in most casinos in Las Vegas. Zuma opens on January 28

Low Rolling In Las Vegas

Friday, 20 January 2017 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas and Gaming.

Low rolling shouldn’t be thought of something to do when they you’re running low on money in Las Vegas. Regardless of your financial situation you should really consider a night of low rolling in Las Vegas. Beyond the financial savings a long session of low rolling can be the most fun time you have in a Las Vegas casino. For some reason, the loudest people in the casino tend to be the people wagering the least. That can be you!
A day or night of low rolling in Las Vegas begins with your location. It’s easiest to go low rolling in downtown Las Vegas because there are a plethora of inexpensive restaurants and casinos in a walkable area. Options can always make an experience better. In addition to the Vegas Strip there is one other area where you can go visit multiple casinos if you want. The trio of casinos (Rio, Gold Coast, Palms) just off the Vegas Strip on Flamingo.
If you’re not in the mood to bounce around casinos, you can keep to the same location. Casinos like South Point, The Orleans, and the aforementioned Gold Coast each offer cheap gambling and a variety of inexpensive dining options.
I started low rolling days and nights in Las Vegas before I even realized it. There was a visit to Las Vegas that began with day drinking and gambling at the El Cortez. Between the $3 blackjack (now $5) and 25 cent roulette (still $0.25) we gambled for hours. I don’t remember much else after the El Cortez but there was probably a steak involved.
Another night of low rolling madness happened at the Gold Coast when I learned how to play Pai Gow. I knew I was onto something special. Here are some examples of where to enjoy a day or night of low rolling in Las Vegas.
Downtown Vegas Low Rolling
As I mentioned this is the best location for a day, night, weekend or week of low rolling in Las Vegas. There are so many options to choose from, but I’ll share my current favorite. The evening begins at Pizza Rock Happy Hour. You can enjoy personal pizza with a craft beer for about $10. You can add more drinks and still remain under $20. After you’re done eating and drinking you can head to The D for $5 blackjack. The rules are player friendly so your money should last awhile. If you want a break, just head back to Pizza Rock for their late night Happy Hour.
Off Strip Low Rolling
I’ve mentioned the Gold Coast is one of the birthplaces of low rolling in Las Vegas for me. Dining is only a part of the night. I typically eat before reaching the Gold Coast for low rolling. However, there are some good and inexpensive options. The $5 Pai Gow table is the game of choice here. The game is slow, there are a lot of hands that push (nobody wins or loses) and the cocktail service is super fast. After a few hours of gambling you may tip the cocktail waitress more money than you play in the game. That’s what I’m talking about!
Vegas Strip Low Rolling
You can find cheap gambling at a few locations on the Vegas Strip but there’s only one casino devoted to the low roller. Casino Royale has cheap gambling, drinks, and food. What more could a low roller want than a casino that’s like a dive bar? Call this a dive casino if you wish. You can play any table game for $5 here and enjoy a variety of inexpensive places to eat. This is a small casino and if you feel claustrophobic after a while you may be able to find some good low rolling games across the street at Treasure Island.