You now have a major decision before you on where you stay for vacation in Las Vegas. This choice is more important than any time in recent history. While Las Vegas, overall, is still one of the best vacation bargains in the country we’re seeing prices increase rapidly. Between covering the expense of new construction, renovations or increased consumer demand Las Vegas, and specifically the Vegas Strip, is seeing prices soar.


Just after the last recession between 2007 and 2009 visitors to Las Vegas saw lower prices on hotel rooms. Due to decreased demand luxury hotels on the Vegas Strip had a similar cost to some middle budget hotels. It was a great time for bargains in Las Vegas but that’s beginning to change. Growing demand to stay on the Vegas Strip is leading to increased prices on almost everything.


Meanwhile the challenge for hotels and casinos to attract customers off the Vegas Strip is almost leading to a price war. In the end there’s something for everyone and the consumer wins. Well, it maybe not always be a win but at least the consumer has options to find something specific to their preferences.


The Growing Divide

There is a growing gap between prices on the Vegas Strip and prices off the Vegas Strip. This trend doesn’t seem as though it will end anytime soon. This is the case with just about anything you’ll spend money in in Las Vegas. You may find a decent hotel room on the Vegas Strip for $100 while a similarly appointed room in Downtown Vegas might cost $50. A burger just a few blocks away from the Vegas Strip may cost $10 instead of the $15 it will cost at a restaurant on the Vegas Strip. Casinos are continually shifting toward gaming odds on the Vegas Strip to their advantage but you can still find better odds at properties elsewhere which will extend your bankroll and give a better chance to win.


I’m not here to say that spending more or less is better or worse. That’s a matter of opinion, budget and mood. There are some days where I don’t mind paying $20-$25 for lunch because I want to try anew restaurant on the Vegas Strip. Some other days I just want a quick bite for $10 and will hop in a car and head to a surrounding area. It’s important to know what’s available and make the right choices. The same goes for hotel rooms and gaming.


Location, Location, Location

They say that the most important 3 words in real estate are location, location, location and that’s reflected in all casinos but even more nowadays on the Vegas Strip. While you might pay a 10%-15% premium when buying a cup of coffee in a casino as opposed to the free standing coffee shop of the same brand, you may pay upwards of 50% more for that same drink on the Vegas Strip. Coffee is just the example but there are similar trends in restaurants and bars up and down the Vegas Strip.


There’s a premium that people are willing to pay for the privilege to for the convenience of vacationing on the Vegas Strip. We may be hitting a threshold on pricing. I’d often hear people say that it’s okay that this meal or drink costs a little more than being elsewhere. The same with the gaming as some would say “What’s the big deal if there’s a 1% difference in house edge?” Increase the house edge and people begin to notice.


Is It Time To Look At Staying Somewhere New?

There are more rumblings about going somewhere besides the Vegas Strip now that the difference in price and odds has become so great. It’s easy to understand why anyone would want to save some money by staying off the Vegas Strip. It’s also easy to understand why people are okay paying more money to enjoy beautifully hand crafted cocktails, a finer cut of steak on the Vegas Strip or a luxury hotel on the Vegas Strip.


It’s Your Choice

It really comes down to what you want from your time in Las Vegas. It’s possible enjoy the most lavish vacation of your life. It’s also possible to eat, sleep and hit the casino floor on a budget. Today more than ever there’s a choice to be made. A budget vacation doesn’t mean that it’s a cheap vacation. It’s just being mindful of how money is spent.


Hotels and casinos are being renovated, updated and upgraded all across the Las Vegas valley. You don’t have to give up quality in your vacation just because you’re not seeing the most modern of modern hotel design. If you’re looking to extend your money in Las Vegas a becoming a great time to look off the strip for your vacation.




Eat Like A King For a Day for Under $100 on The Vegas Strip

Monday, 24 August 2015 by Blog Category: Food.

Looking for bargains doesn’t always mean that you’re only looking for something cheap. Sometimes it just means that you’d simply like to save money. Not all “values” are “cheap.” Sometimes there is great value to be found in something that still costs decent money.

Downtown Vegas has become famous for keeping discount dining alive while the Vegas Strip has upscaled most of its restaurants. There’s nothing wrong with paying for quality food but there’s something great about finding that high quality food at a discount. Unfortunately not every restaurant offers great value.

Thanks to a couple of amazing deals you can eat like a king for a day on the Vegas for under $100. This includes fine dining experiences for both lunch and dinner. These discounts allow you to splurge for breakfast where you can spend a little more and get the best steak and eggs in Las Vegas. Here’s how to do it.


Breakfast  ($19.95)

Grand Lux Cafe at The Venetian

grand-lux-2Steak and Eggs is one of the dishes made famous in Las Vegas. Since Las Vegas is a 24 hour city there are people looking for filling meals at all times of the day. I’m partial to the 4am Steak and Eggs but that’s another story. The Steak and Eggs at the Grand Lux Cafe at The Venetian (not The Palazzo location) is the best I’ve ever had. The high quality New York steak is perfectly cooked and well seasoned. It’s a great way to end a night or start the day. This is a huge meal that is almost impossible to finish but it’s delicious and worth every penny. A $20 breakfast isn’t always necessary but this is where we start if we’re eating all day like a king. You can see the full Grand Lux menu here.


Lunch ($25.15)

Estiatorio Milos at Cosmopolitan

seafood-2Milos is a high end fish and seafood restaurant originally from Canada and introduced to America when the Cosmopolitan opened. Dinner here will almost always cost over $100 per person and probably closer to $200 per person if you add an adult beverage or two. While this sounds like a lot of money the majority of people feel that it’s worth every penny. Smart diners know that they only have to spend $25 to get this kind of great meal. The 3 course Milos lunch menu has become legendary in the short time the restaurant has been open. This isn’t an ordinary lunch menu as you have plenty of options to choose from for each course.

Las Vegas Club Casino Sold

Friday, 21 August 2015 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

Fremont Street will have a very different vibe beginning sometime next year. Last week one of the quieter casinos in Downtown Las Vegas was sold to the owners of two of the more bustling casinos downtown. The Las Vegas Club was sold by owners The Tamares Group and operators PlayLV to Derek and Greg Stevens the owners of The D and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino.


Las Vegas Club is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. It opened in 1930 and installed the first neon sign outside of a casino-hotel in 1931. This was only the second neon casino sign in the Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Club used to be on south side of Fremont Street and moved across the street in 1949 to the property formerly known as the Overland Hotel. The Las Vegas Club then expanded to its present location at the corner of Fremont and Main. In 2002 owner Jackie Gaughan agreed to sell the Las Vegas Club and three other casinos, including the Plaza and Gold Spike (then a casino) to Barrick Gaming which had a partnership with The Tamares Group.


The Las Vegas Club has been on a slow downward spiral for more than a few years now. The Las Vegas Club was a sports themed hotel and casino but back in 2000 they closed the sports book. The sports themed property losing sports wagering was just the beginning of the end. Over the next 15 years restaurants closed, a poker room opened and closed and the last straw seemed to be the closure of their 400 hotel rooms two years ago.


Over the past few years the Las Vegas Club has been a part of many rumors including hotel renovations, hotel conversion to luxury condominiums and even opening a CVS on part of the property while some space remained a casino. None of those rumors ever saw the light of day. Those rumors are erased as the Las Vegas Club is closed.


The future of the hotel and casino that was formerly known as Las Vegas Club will be something different. The sale of Las Vegas Club was specifically for the real estate and the building. The Stevens brothers did not buy the name of the property, the customer database or any of the gaming equipment. The new property will have a new name and will probably share a similar fun vibe that you can find at The D and Golden Gate.


Shortly after being sold the Las Vegas Club closed its doors and will be evaluated for the future. A new name is certain and a theme, restaurants, bars, hotel rooms and construction are still to be determined. Derek Stevens says that will be revealed later this year.


If you were a fan of the games or people who recently worked at Las Vegas Club you should be able to find them across the street at the Plaza.



Plan Ahead for These Big Events in Vegas

Monday, 17 August 2015 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

Baseball fans might be familiar with this term the most but we’re in the “Dog Days Of Summer.” As it relates to sports this is the time when baseball is the only sport in season just before football takes center stage. As it relates to life the Dog Days Of Summer are just after halfway through the summer (and year) where we start planning for the rest of the year.


We’re at the perfect time of the year to look at major dates coming up over the next 8 months or so. I always say that planning a Vegas vacation in advance is one of the best ways to save money. These are dates that will be busy and prices will increase as they get closer.


Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day falls on Monday, September 7 this year. The weekend begins Friday, September 5, and many restaurants, bars and clubs are already planning events for the weekend. This is the unofficial end of summer and it’s right around the corner. You won’t find a hotel room under $200 per night if you wait until the week before to book your rooms.


Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto

Floyd Mayweather says that his last fight will take place September 12 at MGM Grand. Boxing insiders don’t believe that this will be his last fight but that’s another story. Big boxing matches like this always bring people to the Vegas Strip. This won’t bring the same size crowd as his previous fight but you should plan accordingly, especially if you’re thinking of staying at MGM Grand.



Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 26. This is one of the more interesting holidays to watch in Las Vegas. Restaurants are booked with people on holiday and locals who don’t want to cook. There will be lots of dining specials and the best will sell out. Additionally this is the busiest (and most expensive) weekend in Las Vegas until after Christmas Day. Hotel will be packed and rates will be high.


Christmas through New Year’s Day

There’s about a month of quiet in Las Vegas after Thanksgiving but that leads up to the busiest time of year. The Vegas Strip becomes a virtual parking lot for this week because there are so many people. There are major events galore during this week and you’ll find some of the most expensive hotel room rates of the year. New Year’s Eve is probably the craziest night of the year in Las Vegas.


Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl 50 will take place on Sunday, February 7. People will begin arriving for Super Bowl weekend on Friday, February 5. Even though the excitement for the first weekend of March Madness is growing, Super Bowl weekend is still the busiest sports weekend of the year in Las Vegas. Since this is the 50th Super Bowl expect that there may be some special tie-in’s. If you have a casino host you probably want to get in touch sooner than later to reserve rooms and put your name on an early list for Super Bowl parties.


March Madness

The first weekend of March Madness is growing in popularity faster than any other weekend in Las Vegas. It typically falls during Spring Break so there are always a lot of people in town for the first four days and nights of the college basketball tournament. The first weekend of March Madness begins on Thursday, March 17 and concludes Sunday, March 20. The 17th also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day next year. Hotel rooms, sportsbooks, restaurants and bars will be packed.


Plan your hotels for these events early and save money.


Why Signup for Players Card?

Thursday, 13 August 2015 by Blog Category: Gaming.

The value of a Las Vegas players club should not go unnoticed. There are more rewards for new members of a Las Vegas players club than ever before. There have been a lot of changes in the past few years to almost every Las Vegas players club because they’re now more useful to casino marketers and thus offer more value to you, the customer.


For the uninitiated, a players club is the loyalty club for Las Vegas casinos and hotels. Players clubs started off as cards to track spending of slot machine players but have evolved into something closer to the loyalty club of your local supermarket. Like that supermarket loyalty club the benefits from a Las Vegas players club are free when you sign up. Similarly you receive points to use as rewards for dollar you spend when you use the card.


Everything else to do with a players club card is different because the properties have different business models. Some players clubs will reward points for all spending on property while other only offer rewards when spending money in the casino. Check your favorite casino’s players club for benefits and how to earn rewards.


Since your information is more valuable to casino marketers the players clubs have evolved to offer more entry level benefits than ever before. These players club entry level benefits are free just for signing up. When you spend money with the property you’ll get more rewards and greater benefits but there are a few things you’ll get just from signing up.


Immediate Discounts – Just about every players club will offer a small discount when purchasing items from casino operated restaurants, bars and shops. Entry level players club discounts may start at 5% but as you become more loyal to a property these discounts will grow to become as high as 50% off items in these outlets. Entry level players club member may also receive random discounts that aren’t promoted like $1 or $2 discounts per item at specific restaurant. Every property is different and you can find a lot of these discounts on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


The expanded discounts are a reason that everyone visiting Las Vegas should sign up for a free players club card. Here are a couple other benefits that entry level players club members receive.


Better Access – Another basic benefit of players clubs is access to events at a property. When a property is hosting a concert or special event they’ll often allow their players club members first access to tickets. This is mainly seen as a simple thank you but it’s a benefit when you’re looking at events that will sell out.


When you spend more money and your status with a players club grows this greater access will extend into the other areas of the property where you may be able to have a dedicated check-in area or the ability to skip long lines at restaurants. These benefits don’t hold a dollar value but the intrinsic value is a nice perk to the beneficiary.


Partnership Benefits – The larger casino players clubs will team up with partners outside of the property to offer benefits that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Total Rewards (Caesars Entertainment), has a partnership where all members can earn reward points when they make purchases from 1-800-Flowers. As your status increases with Total Rewards you can gain up to 30% discounts on cruises from their partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line. Again, check your favorite players club for their partnerships.


Sign Up Gifts – Some of the locals casinos will offer small gifts when a new customer signs up for the players club. These gifts can range anywhere from a discount book to a free deck of cards to a few dollars in slot play. These aren’t huge gifts but they’re a nice bonus.


Signing up for a players club should only take a few minutes. If you don’t feel like waiting for someone to enter your information into a computer when you get to Las Vegas you can sign up for some players club accounts online. If you’re an analytic type and want to see if the benefits are worth your time just measure the savings you receive from having a players club card versus the value of the 5-10 minutes of time it takes to sign up. You might be surprised by what you see.

Cosmo Bars and Restaurants

Monday, 10 August 2015 by Blog Category: Food.

A few weekends ago there was a small but scary fire at the Cosmopolitan. Making a long story short there were big flames and large plumes of dark smoke. Due to proximity of the firehouse across the street at City Center (home of Aria, Veer Towers, Mandarin Oriental) the fire fighters didn’t have to battle much traffic on the way to put out the fire. The fire was extinguished in 30 minutes and nobody was hurt.


There was a little damage to the Bamboo Pool deck on the 14th floor of the hotel but it was back up and running less than 24 hours after the fire. Nobody was injured and the hotel and casino are operating like normal again aside of a handful of rooms on the 14th floor.


We can breath a sigh of relief that one of the best hotels in Las Vegas comes away from this fire relatively unscathed. The following statement is no joke, the first question I got about the fire was if Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill was okay. Yes, it’s okay. I gave my buddy a heads up that he could head to Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq if he was in the mood for some Blue Ribbon vittles.


One of the best things about visiting the Cosmopolitan is the great variety of restaurants and bars. Take a look at the dining options beyond Blue Ribbon Sushi:


China Poblano – Showcasing Jose Andreas’ personal take on Chinese and Mexican cuisines.

D.O.C.G. – Casual rustic Italian restaurant featuring pizza, pasta, steaks and chops.

Milos – Touted as one of North America’s finest Greek restaurants.

Holsteins – New burger restaurant with an emphasis on fresh, natural and organic ingredients.

Jaleo – Authentic flavor of a Spanish tapas restaurant by renowned chef Jose Andreas.

Overlook Grill – This restaurant is Adjacent to the Boulevard Pool and offers casual fare with hints of Riviera chic.

Rose.Rabbit.Lie. – A communal venue that blurs the lines between restaurant, bar, club and live entertainment to create a modern supper club.

Scarpetta – Scarpetta is a modern Italian restaurant by award-winning chef Scott Conant.

STK – A new style Las Vegas steakhouse from The One Group.

The Henry – 24 hour a day cafe featuring Old-school revamped classics.

Wicked Spoon – A bustling culinary food hall (aka buffet).

The Cosmopolitan also has a couple of quick serve options with Secret Pizza and Va Bene Caffe. If you’re just looking for a drink than the Cosmo probably has a bar for every mood.

The Chandelier – Offers 3 unique bar experiences; high-energy hot spot, sophisticated cocktail haven and inviting lounge.

Vesper Bar – This lobby bar offers delicious cocktails mixed with style and grace.

Bond – A funky, chic cocktail house with a vibrant mash up of dynamic LED art, gaming and upbeat house music.

Queue – An original take on gaming and cocktails.

The Neapolitan – Hand-crafted cocktails and ice cream come together for an avant-garde experience.

TBD – HQ Cocktail Lounge is rumored to be taking over the space once occupied by Book & Stage.


I consider the Cosmopolitan my favorite bar on the Vegas Strip because it’s really just one building housing multiple bars. No matter what kind of mood I’m in there is a bar or lounge that will satisfy my needs.


Wine Enthusiast Award Winners In Las Vegas

Friday, 07 August 2015 by Blog Category: Food.

Las Vegas is a city of extravagance and always one one of the great excuses to splurge when on vacation. One of the most respected names in wine, Wine Enthusiast, recently revealed their 2015 Restaurant Awards.


The Wine Enthusiast Award of Excellence is their basic 1 star award which focuses on restaurant wine lists that offer a well-chosen selection of quality producers along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style. The Grand Award is  highest award from Wine Enthusiast and is given to restaurants that typically offer 1,000 selections or more, and feature serious breadth of top producers, outstanding depth in mature vintages, large-format bottles, and superior organization, presentation and wine service. Each of these restaurants earned 3 stars from Wine Enthusiast. Las Vegas has five (5) Wine Enthusiast Grand Award winners this year.


If you’re looking to splurge on a night of great wine and great food the Wine Enthusiast Grand Award winners are a great place to start. This year’s Grand Award winners in Las Vegas are Aureole at Mandalay Bay, Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian, Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand, Picasso at Bellagio and Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace.


Each of these restaurants has won the Grand Award since Joel Robuchon won the award in 2009. Aureole has actually won a Wine Enthusiast award since 2000. That’s 15 years of delicious wine in a city where restaurants are lucky if they’re around for more than a year. This is quite the impressive group of restaurants as they offer some of the best meals you’ll eat anywhere in the world in addition to a great wine selection.


If you’re looking for a good wine selection in Vegas but not the best there are plenty of affordable 1 and 2 star award winning restaurants with excellent wine lists all over Las Vegas. If you’re in the mood for a great wine tour of Las Vegas you can grab some friends, rent a limo and visit locations as far out as Henderson and Summerlin.


Here’s a unique wine tour you might take:

Begin at Oscar’s Beef, Booze and Broads at the Plaza, head to Vitner Grill in Summerlin (a Rachel Ray favorite) then back to the north end of the Vegas strip to Bazaar Meat at SLS Las Vegas before proceeding away from the Vegas strip to Del Frisco’s on Paradise (near the Hard Rock) then The Charcoal Room at Santa Fe Station in Henderson before heading back to one of the many restaurants on the Vegas Strip like Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House at MGM Grand.


This is just a small sampling of the 1 and 2 star Wine Enthusiast award winners in Las Vegas. There are a total of 76 different 1 and 2 star award winning restaurants in Las Vegas. You can see the Award of Excellence (1 star) winners in Las Vegas here, the Best of Award of Excellence (2 star) winners in Las Vegas here and more information on Wine Spectator here.


Dueling Pianos

Friday, 24 July 2015 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

The love for piano bars in Las Vegas makes a lot of sense. Las Vegas is a town of excess and doing one thing at a time is never enough. Sitting at a bar and drinking often needs something else. In Las Vegas there’s something extra for everyone. The entertainment of dueling piano players while you’re having a couple drinks is similar to a sports bar showing fans the different games on TV.

There was a time where the piano bar was among the most popular attractions in Las Vegas. That’s not the case today but there’s still a desire for this form of entertainment. In fact, rumor is that the Tropicana will be adding Dueling Pianos to their entertainment lineup soon.

Here’s a look at where you can catch Dueling Pianos in Las Vegas:


Bar at New York New York

This is one of the most popular piano bars in Las Vegas. This bar is so popular that there’s often a line to get in. Every night from 8 p.m. – 12 p.m. you’ll be able to enjoy dueling pianos at the Bar. There’s always a cover charge for dueling pianos at The Bar unless you live in Las Vegas. Locals get in free with valid state ID. If you must see the dueling pianos here it’s recommended that you make a reservation. There’s a daily happy hour from 3-7 to get you primed for the dueling pianos. There are multiple TV’s to keep an eye on the games if your friends, your drinks and the dueling pianos aren’t enough entertainment.


Napoleon’s Dueling Pianos at Paris Las Vegas

Napoleon’s Piano Bar offers 3 different piano experiences: solo, comedic and dueling pianos. If you’ve never noticed Napoleon’s in the casino that’s because it’s located in the promenade/mall area. You may have to walk into a part of Paris that you’re not too familiar with. The small throwback venue offers a custom cocktail menu and wine list that’s perfect for filling the two drink minimum. The comedic piano players play the hits from old party classics to current pop music and they play almost all of the audience’s requests. The entertainment starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 2 a.m.


The Piano Bar at Harrah’s

Harrah’s is home to what is probably the most popular Dueling Pianos in Las Vegas. The main attraction at The Piano Bar are identical twins Kim and Tamara Pinegar who show off their piano skills in this ultimate sibling rivalry as they compete for your applause. If you visit The Piano Bar when they’re not performing you may be treated to karaoke or Big Elvis. Gamblers know that there are a couple low limits craps tables just outside of The Piano Bar.


Other Piano Bars In Las Vegas

While Dueling Pianos on the Vegas Strip is a raucous time you can find piano based entertainment at other venues around Las Vegas.


Eastside Lounge at Wynn Las Vegas – Michael Monge and his band performs Wednesday through Sunday beginning at 9 p.m.

Petrossian Bar at Bellagio – Live pianist’s from 10 a.m. – 12:45 a.m

Don’t Tell Mama on Fremont Street – A New York-styled Piano Bar, with an open mic. beginning at 8 p.m.


Renovations Everywhere

Thursday, 23 July 2015 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

We often look forward to entirely new Las Vegas projects because they’re just that – 100% new. Sometimes it’s easy to look past some of the less grand renovations and upgrades that will affect a visit to a hotel and casino right now or in the near future. There’s actually a slew of renovations and upgrades happening to hotels and casinos up and down the Vegas Strip.



The Cosmopolitan was sold to Blackstone Real Estate Partners last year and they announced that the property would undergo a bunch of changes in order to make the hotel and casino profitable. Those renovations are underway and include the following: Book & Stage is closing to make way for a new lounge concept. Another new hotel lobby bar may also be built. 46 new hotels are currently being built in previously unused space. There will be a new restaurant or nightclub built atop the East Tower of the hotel. Other plans haven’t been revealed by Cosmopolitan yet but they will focus on bringing more life to the casino floor. There are rumors of a new location for the sports book which is currently on the second floor and a new poker room being built but these haven’t been confirmed to actually be happening.



Wynn Las Vegas recently announced that all 2,034 suites in the Encore Tower will undergo renovation this summer. The renovation includes updated furnishings, floor coverings, technology, aesthetics and record-setting custom bed linens with 507 count sheets, the most of any hotel in the world. The room modification includes upgraded 55-inch 4K televisions, as well as enhanced technological amenities such as convenient USB ports and outlets for mobile phones and tablets at bedside and desk with environment controls allowing guests to adjust curtains and lighting from the comfort of their Wynn Dream Bed. New rooms at Encore are expected to be ready this fall.


The Mirage

The Mirage has been slowly renovating their casino floor off and on for the past couple of years. The sports book was upgraded a couple of years ago and looks to have a whole new life to it today. Earlier this year the Poker Room was closed and renovated. The new poker room is smaller and prettier than its predecessor. The casino cashier now occupies some of the space from the old poker room. It was moved to make way for a 5,000+ square foot Center Bar which will give the entire casino floor a new look and vibe. Construction on the Center Bar is happening right now and won’t be finished until fall. Expect a little congestion when playing table games at The Mirage for the next couple of months.


Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo and New York-New York have both been under renovation for the past couple of years. The goal of the work is to create a synergy between the two properties that lead to a new arena that’s being built behind New York-New York. This park-like area will have new restaurants and bars and it won’t feel as though you’re walking between two hotels as much as will feel like you’re walking through a park type atmosphere that happens to be surrounded by hotels. Eater Vegas is reporting that the Blue Man Group Theater will be demolished to make way for a large concert hall. We should expect many more renovations coming to this part of Monte Carlo before the new arena opens next April.


Bonus Nugget

Mandalay Bay just finished a renovation of their hotel rooms. You can see a preview on their website.


5,000 Seat Theater at Monte Carlo

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

We recently teased you with some major news happening at Monte Carlo. MGM Resorts, who owns Monte Carlo, is planning on building a new theater at the hotel and casino. This ramps up the expansion of The Park area in between Monte Carlo and New York-New York. Let’s look a little deeper into this theater and what remains to be build for project because it will reshape this part of the Vegas Strip.

The new concert venue (name still TBD) will amplify the vibrant entertainment district that’s taking shape on the west side of the Vegas Strip in between the two casinos. The plan for the theater includes a robust calendar featuring special engagements by many of the music industry’s most-celebrated performers once it’s open. We should also expect to see some resident artists performing here to help fill the holes. 365 days and nights in a year is a lot of options.

With more than 7 million entertainment tickets sold in 2014 alone, MGM Resorts’ performances are unrivaled in Las Vegas. The company owns and operates two arenas (MGM Grand Garden Arena and Mandalay Bay Events Center); two Las Vegas Strip festival lots (62 acres); seven theaters housing Cirque du Soleil production shows; 14 theaters for concerts, headliners and comedy performances; and more than two dozen lounges and nightclubs. Additionally, MGM Resorts is currently developing a new world-class Las Vegas arena behind New York-New York.

This isn’t just a run of the mill theater for MGM Resorts. The 5,000-seat venue is unlike any other MGM Resorts property has in Las Vegas. For perspective, consider that Mandalay Bay’s House of Blues, where artists like Santana and Heart play regularly, seats about 1,800. The Terry Fator Theatre at The Mirage, where Boyz II Men perform, seats a little more than 1,200. The Mirage’s LOVE Theatre, the largest of the Company’s Cirque showrooms, seats 2,000.

While The Park and unnamed arena are expected to open in April 2016, the new theater at Monte Carlo is projected to welcome its first act near the end of 2016. This will round out a lively entertainment district that will include not only the new 20,000-seat arena, but also Toshiba Plaza, with its permanent stages, and many new Food & Beverage venues lining The Park.

This announcement and construction will also bring the relocation of two resident shows; Blue Man Group will move this fall to Luxor, while the Jabbawockeez will dance across The Strip to MGM Grand.

Some of the bars and restaurants planned for the area that haven’t opened yet include Bruxie (cafe), Sake Rok (sushi bar and lounge), beer garden, Robert Mondavi Wine Experience (wine bar and restaurant), Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row and Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar.

Once complete the idea is that this concept of shopping, dining and entertainment will resemble LA Live in Los Angeles. The project has evolved a few times since first being announced so don’t be too surprised if there are changes over the next year or so.