Enjoy Great Music in Downtown Vegas

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It’s no secret that Downtown Vegas has undergone a major facelift over the past few years. You’re no longer just going to “Old Vegas”. You’re going to “Downtown Vegas”. They’re one in the same but each name holds a certain connotation. When you say “Old Vegas” to someone they imagine that you’re going to one of the casinos that have been around for years. The assumption is that these old casinos are falling apart because that’s how they used to be. That’s not quite the case with a new casino like Downtown Grand, a major renovation like The D and casinos that recently received a facelift like Golden Gate or the Plaza. Old isn’t so old anymore.

Downtown Vegas usually lets people know that you’re aware of the overall rejuvenation of the area. Downtown Vegas includes places outside of casinos like Downtown Container Park, Gold Spike, Nacho Daddy, the arts district and all of the young businesses that have recently opened.

Old Vegas and Downtown Vegas are the same place. Some people think of each differently and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you tell a taxi driver you want to go to Downtown Vegas or Old Vegas you’re going to end up in the same area. The mix of new, relatively new and old Vegas can be seen in the blossoming music scene.

You can find live music being played all year around on one (or two or three) of the stages under the Fremont Street Experience canopy. These free concerts bring you local bands, national touring bands and tribute bands. Walk across Fremont Street on a weekend and you’ll hear these sounds but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to music in Downtown Vegas.

Live music in Downtown Vegas can be found inside, outside and all around the area. The proliferation of the music scene is amazing. You can now walk into bars like The Commonwealth, Downtown Cocktail Room, Mob Bar or Artifice and hear bands performing. Cover fees to see a band perform sometimes apply but not always. You can enjoy a drink at any of these bars and be treated to some live music. Likewise, you can be sipping coffee at The Beat when a couple of people will grab acoustic guitars and play a few songs.

There are plenty of traditional live music venues in Downtown Vegas. The Bunkhouse Saloon recently reopened on 11th Street just off Fremont Street. Bunkhouse Saloon will have a mix of national rock bands and local bands. There are other live music venues closer to Fremont Street that have similar variety in their bands. On any night you can walk into Beauty Bar, Fremont Country Club or Backdoor Bar And Billiards to see a band performing live.

Last year Downtown Vegas became home to a huge outdoor music, food and arts festival called Life Is Beautiful. The, now annual festival, is spread out all along Downtown Vegas with multiple stages to see music. Foo Fighters, Kanye West and Lionel Richie are among the headliners of this year’s festival which takes place October 24-26. Life Is Beautiful is unlike any other music experience in Las Vegas. You can find more details here.

The music scene in Downtown Vegas is alive and pumping. You can see bands that range from two dudes playing heavy metal on cello’s to multi-platinum musicians. If you’re in the mood to see music when you’re in Las Vegas head downtown and just see what’s happening. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Where To Watch Football For Free

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Football season is right around the corner. Las Vegas and football have become best friends over the years. If you are a football fan you’re probably playing fantasy football. You may play for pride or you may be playing fantasy football for money. Many people that visit Las Vegas still like to wager on the individual games themselves. After all, Nevada is one of the few states where you can legally bet on sports. Combine the increased popularity in fantasy football with those that wager on the games directly and you have a sport that’s more popular than ever in Las Vegas.

The interest in football has led to an increase in bars and restaurants showing the games. This is great but sitting in a bar or restaurant will cost you. Beer and food at most of the bars and restaurants don’t come cheap and that’s before tax, tip and other fees (some restaurant now charge some kind of convenience fee). Have no fear you can still watch football for free in the sportsbooks at many Las Vegas casinos. Here are some of the best sportsbooks to watch football for free.

Saying Goodbye To Two Vegas Legends

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Las Vegas is a city of constant change. Every week there are new shows, restaurants, bars and hotels announced. Last weekend we saw two Vegas legends say goodbye. Neither were human but both were beloved by many. In a strange coincidence both happened around the same time – 12am on Saturday.

Some time around midnight Saturday morning the Lion’s Share slot machine at MGM Grand paid out a progressive jackpot that’s been building for 20 years. The Lion’s Share jackpot reached $2.4 million when it was finally hit this weekend.

Legend has it that the Lion’s Share slot machine has been around for so long because it could not be turned off or removed until the progressive jackpot was hit. When the Lion’s Share machine was first installed 20 years ago it was one of an entire bank of machines. Since then the other jackpots were won and the machines were removed like most other old slot machines.

Budgeting During a Las Vegas Trip

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Sometimes real world skills help make their way into Las Vegas. Budgeting skills from work or home life can make your vacation more affordable and even better. We discuss ways to save money when in Las Vegas pretty often but budgeting is one example of a way to get stoked for your vacation to Las Vegas well in advance of your visit.

Don’t confuse budgeting with planning. Personally, I like to keep plans in Las Vegas to a minimum. I enjoy the times when I get lost in the chasm that is Las Vegas. However, I always plan for my vacation in Las Vegas by getting a budget prepared. Budgeting for a Las Vegas vacation will help in an effort to save money. You can still enjoy your vacation without a plan but as long as you have your finances in order before visiting you’ll be able to get the most bang for your buck.

Budgeting begins with getting out to Las Vegas. Planning your vacation well in advance will give you better opportunities to find less expensive flights and hotel rooms. Even discount and complimentary hotel rooms increase in price as inventory decreases. Once inventory disappears so do the discounts.

The Auto Collections at The Quad

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The Auto Collection at The Quad (soon to be The LINQ Hotel) is one of the coolest but forgotten attractions on the Vegas Strip. Unless you see the promotion for The Auto Collections on The Quad website or in the hotel you may not realize that this sweet collection of American and European cars existed. The Auto Collections at The Quad is one of the best secret attractions in Las Vegas that seems as if it’s hidden in plain site.

One of the most unusual things to do in Las Vegas is The Auto Collections at The Quad. The collection is an attraction that combines the thrills of an exotic car museum with the opportunity to actually buy some of the most unique and eclectic automobiles from around the world.

When you think of The Quad probably don’t think of a hotel where you can also buy a car. Buying a car in Las Vegas is usually left to the exotic car dealers off the Vegas Strip or at Wynn Las Vegas where you can buy a Ferrari or Maserati. Yes, you can walk through the Auto Collections at The Quad and purchase many of the classic cars that are on display.

September 2014 in Las Vegas may as well be known as Las Vegas Beer Month. We checked the google and there isn’t an official Las Vegas Beer Month so we’re starting it right here and right now. Not only are there are three beer festivals in Las Vegas this September but Oktoberfest begins in the middle of the month.

Everything in Las Vegas is a little bit different and Oktoberfest gets started here just a little earlier than the rest of the world. Hofbräuhaus begins Oktoberfest on September 13th while the actual Oktoberfest begins the following day in Germany. Oktoberfest will continue through October 5th. The festival of beer is celebrated with an almost month long celebration with a special brew and celebrity keg tappings every Friday & Saturday. Hofbräuhaus is Las Vegas’ only authentic German beer hall. You can visit Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas for a coupon to get a free beer in one of the most unique beer drinking environments in Las Vegas.

The Best Food Courts In Las Vegas 2014

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Las Vegas hotels are try to create an environment so inviting that you’ll never leave. They offer shows, gaming, spas, pools and more to keep you on their property. One of the best varieties that the hotels in Las Vegas offer is in dining. There’s fine dining if you’re in the mood for the best meal of your life. There’s casual dining for those of us looking for a good sit down meal. Lastly many of the hotels have a food court for the event in which we want a quick and inexpensive bite to eat. Food courts offer the flexibility to eat on site or grab a bite and head to your hotel room. This flexibility is great but the low price point is even better.

Food courts will often have name brand restaurants restaurants that offer familiar food that won’t break the bank but you have to know where to go. In the same manner hotels are not created the same, all food courts aren’t created the same. You’d be hard pressed to find a meal under $15 at some while you’ll probably never exceed $10 at others. Here are some of the best food courts in Las Vegas based on selection, atmosphere and price.

Cool Down at a Las Vegas Water Park

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One of the many reasons people visit Las Vegas is to enjoy the heat. It gets hot in Las Vegas but generally people don’t want to “beat the heat”. Rather visitors in Las Vegas are looking for something to best experience the heat when it’s 115 in the shade. In the past two water parks have opened to the delight of tourists and locals alike.

Both Wet ‘n’ Wild and Cowabunga Bay offer a fun time in the sun and an escape from the Vegas Strip. Both water parks are similar concepts and open to children of most ages but both are different. Just like the casinos and cacti in Las Vegas no two are exactly alike. Let’s take a look at what Wet ‘n’ Wild and Cowabunga Bay offer.

The Westgate Las Vegas (Formerly Known As LVH)

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It’s an exciting time for Las Vegas. Downtown Vegas is adding new restaurants and bars almost every week. The Vegas Strip is renovating just about every casino that hasn’t been touched in the past 10 years. The locals casinos are even getting into the action with Red Rock Resort and Green Valley Ranch casinos getting renovations and new restaurants.

LVH is the most recent casino-hotel to reveal plans for a major renovation. The first thing to go at LVH (formerly Hilton Las Vegas and The International) will be its name. LVH was purchased by timeshare company Westgate. The new name of the hotel-casino will be Westgate Las Vegas.

The Westgate Las Vegas will become part timeshare with between 100 and 200 rooms being converted into timeshare units. The rest of the 3,000 rooms will remain hotel units. The casino and restaurants will remain but everything will get freshened up. Future plans call for a separate timeshare building to be built but the property will be renovated first. Elvis fans and fans The International might remember Elvis’ Penthouse Villa. That villa will also remain but may become more of a historical room.

Top 29 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 by Blog Category: Entertainment.

1. Art – Check out free art at Aria, Cosmopolitan and the Downtown Arts District.

2. Bellagio Conservatory – The conservatory changes its flowery display with each season. Year to year it’s similar but a little different.

3. Bellagio Fountains – This is one of the most traditional tourist spots in Las Vegas and there’s a reason for that. The show never gets old and is a must see.

4. CBS Research – CBS Research at MGM Grand puts you in charge of the future of television by previewing shows that may be seen on CBS, MTV, BET, CMT, Showtime or one of their other channels.

5. Celebrate your birthday in Vegas – You might be surprised at how many restaurants in Las Vegas offer freebies on your birthday. Free pizza from Grimaldi’s sure sounds good right about now.