The summer unofficially comes to an end this weekend across the country. In Las Vegas this also means the end of pool season. Pools will remain open for a while but the dayclubs and pool parties will slowly stop after this weekend. If you want to catch one of the many famous DJ’s that come

The $20 Trick sounds like a myth but in Las Vegas it’s real and it can be spectacular. The $20 trick is simple and has been used in Las Vegas for many years and in many forms. Slipping a $20 bill as a tip has been used in nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, etc. to get upgrades

Because weather is fun you may want to prepare for the cool down on your next trip to Las Vegas. Next week high temperatures will be below the 100 degree mark for the first time in months. It will still be warm for a little while but it might be a little chilly for some

Historic Las Vegas Places to Visit

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Las Vegas is a city rich in history and the city keeps it alive in many ways. There is a lot of Las Vegas history to see from the mob to pinball to casinos. Las Vegas isn’t like anywhere else in the country and you can see that in the variety of ways that you’ll

The temperature in Las Vegas has been steady for the past couple weeks with a mellow 105 degree high. It seems strange but the morning temperatures in the low 80’s feel as if there is a chill in the air. All of that to say that it feels as if football season should be around

Best Karaoke Bars In Las Vegas

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Karaoke is fun for all involved but it’s not something that’s available at most bars throughout the country. It’s especially difficult to find a place to get up on stage in Las Vegas. When you sing at a karaoke bar, you’re the star. Most people in the bar are watching you. This means that everyone

A slow week in Las Vegas is like a normal news week in most cities. This week served as a reminder that we’re about to head into “Convention Season” in Las Vegas. There are conventions throughout September and October. Some conventions, like the Global Gaming Expo (G2E), will fill just about every hotel room in town

Planning High/Low trips in Vegas

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Las Vegas is great for many reasons but one of the biggest benefits is that there are so many ways to experience the town. One of my favorite ways to experience Las Vegas has changed a little but not too much. Ever since I first visited Downtown Vegas I’ve enjoyed myself there. Downtown Vegas was, and still

The Vegas Strip is currently having a major metamorphosis. In a couple years it will be very different than the Vegas Strip that many of us grew up with. Treasure Island is getting in on the Vegas Strip renovations.  The renovations would mean that Sirens of TI lagoon gets a little smaller while the boardwalk

Casino Hotel Players Clubs

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Casino players clubs have evolved over the years in a manner similar to the way the casino has evolved into a casino hotel & resort. Once used to track how much you gamble, players clubs can now track how much you spend in every area of a casino. Players club cards are now more similar

Until you live in Las Vegas you don’t realize how big of a deal weather is.  People freak out if it rains or gets too hot or too cold.  It’s amazing. It’s currently monsoon season in Las Vegas and that means that it rains in small areas really hard for 15 minutes to an hour.

It’s football season! We know this because a new pro football website,, debuted this week and because NFL teams begin training camp this week. The Hall Of Fame game will be the first NFL preseason game and that takes place on Sunday August, 4. The first regular season NFL game is a month later

Over the weekend firefighters were able to get the Carpenter 1 fire just outside of Las Vegas under control. As of today the fire is 80% contained. Skies are clear and people are able to go back to living in the mountains. You might think that Las Vegas can get back to enjoying normal hot

Dive bars are awesome because they are what they are and their customers are happy with that. Dive bars aren’t fancy, they’re just bars where people go to grab a cheap drink and hang out. Unlike every other city in the United States you may find video poker in your Las Vegas dive bar. Over

Weekly Wrap Up – 7/11/2013

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The major news in Las Vegas this week has been the wildfire just outside of town, around Mount Charleston, that’s only 15% contained. The fire is now touched 44 square miles of terrain but Las Vegas, itself, isn’t in danger just yet. Depending on the wind on particular days you may see giant plumes of

Before living in Las Vegas a major part of planning every trip was around dinner. Actually, this was the only planning. We just needed an hour a day to see each other. It’s Vegas…overplanning is the number one problem I can see to any trip. To this day every visit from that specific group of

Not even record high temperatures can slow things down in Las Vegas! Your local news may have told you that Las Vegas set records for high temperatures. Yes, weather is fascinating. The biggest news in Las Vegas this week was the opening of Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay. The show opened

If you’ve been to Vegas in the past year you’ve probably noticed a ton of construction happening on the Vegas strip. The middle of the Vegas strip is undergoing a major metamorphosis with Caesars Entertainment closing O’Sheas and Bill’s Gambling Hall while renovating and turning the Imperial Palace into The Quad. Much of this is

Las Vegas is always hot and I say that often but this weekend it’s going to be SERIOUSLY hot. Las Vegas is expected to break records for how hot it is. Temperatures are set to go as high as 117 degrees in the shade. Add 15 degrees to that when you’re in the sun. There

The US economy is getting better and MGM Resorts is planning that the economy will continue to grow. MGM Resorts has already begun major renovations to their hotels and casinos on the south end of the Vegas strip and they have more new projects happening now and in the future. Changes begin all the way to