Las Vegas is great because you can have any experience you want. On one of my most memorable trips to Vegas my friends and I spent a morning drinking (too much) vodka and playing blackjack at Bellagio then hopping into a limo to the El Cortez for some .25 cent roulette. It was an epic

Summer officially begins next week but for most people it started on Memorial Day weekend. The temperatures in Vegas have been hot but nothing we can’t handle. Even passengers stuck in an airplane for four hours couldn’t be bothered by the heat. Coping with an exhaustive situation they went a little stir crazy and decided

UNLV NBA Summer League

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I grew up in New York City and college sports was something I’d watch on TV but they weren’t real since none were from NYC. New York City is for the big dawgs. There are 2 NFL, 2 MLB, 2 NBA teams and 3 NHL teams. There is a lot of pro action happening all

We’re back baby! Said mother nature when she decided to drop high temps on Vegas a little early. Normal high temperatures in Vegas this week are in the mid to upper 90’s but this week we’ll be treated to highs in the 100-110 degree range. It’s kind of what makes Vegas great. A trick I

Save with Dining Deals in Vegas

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One of the great things about Vegas is that there are special deals everywhere. This can come in handy when looking for places to eat. During happy hour, between 4pm and 6pm or so, you can find discounts at just about every bar and/or restaurant. Some specials are promoted and announced on respective websites and in

Las Vegas News Wrap Up

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With Memorial Day weekend there was a lot happening in Las Vegas and a lot of announcements made. Now that we’re in a shorter week it seems as if some of the public relations folks are taking a break. News and openings are relatively slow this week. That’s relative for Vegas because there is always

Most games played on Facebook incorporate some form of social activity. You may build a farm and share it or throw a virtual sheep at a friend. MyVegas is the first social game available by one of the major casino companies. MyVegas has slot machine and blackjack games developed and operated by PlayStudios for MGM

This Weeks Las Vegas Wrap Up

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There’s always a lot happening in Vegas but this week we had announcements that there will be two new hotels to stay at soon and one new casino to play in. The Hotel at Mandalay Bay is undergoing a transformation to be more of a boutique hotel within the Mandalay Bay complex. Delano Las Vegas

Diners played an important part in my life being from the east coast. Diners were a place to hang out with friends at the end of the night or get breakfast in the morning. A lot of memories happen in the diner. Diners are much less prevalent as you move west on the map. Even though

This Weeks Las Vegas Wrap Up

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Announcements, openings and finding new things to do in and out of house are always part of the week for anyone that lives in Las Vegas. With the temperatures reaching 100 degrees for the first time this year there was a good excuse to find some quality time inside. While there is a lot happening

VIP Hosts Help Avoid the Line

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Nightclubs are a big deal in Las Vegas. In fact, 8 of the top 10 nightclubs in America are located in Las Vegas. There’s always been demand to get into the Vegas nightclubs but nothing like this. Now the demand is so insane that the lines are huge at clubs up and down the Vegas strip instead

Las Vegas is great because there’s always something happening. There may be a new show opening tonight and there may be an announcement of a new show opening in two years and everything in between. We hope to keep you up to date on all of the big news happening in Vegas that may effect

Las Vegas has something for everyone and every occasion. I’m always looking for a new experience in Vegas and one of the more extreme things to do is to legally and safely shoot guns. This is perfect for people that visit Vegas often and are looking for something new to do or for the bachelor party

Let’s set the scene. It’s 4am and you’re done with the club or gambling or whatever Vegas had in store for you the night. All you want is something to eat before you pass out. While there’s usually a sit down restaurant in every casino resort but most hotels don’t have quick and inexpensive late

Tourists that visit the Vegas strip are generally looking for fine dining, big name shows, awesome nightclubs with a little gambling here and there. The downtown Vegas crowd is different. Yes, there are good places to grab a bite downtown but you’re not going to find celebrity chefs posting up at The Plaza. Think about it

There is so much great dining on the Vegas strip that it’s easy to forget that Las Vegas is a rather large city of 2 million people. Like most bigger cities in America, the different ethnicities break out into certain sections in the city. Most larger cities have a section of town called “Chinatown”. In

Craft Beer Scene in Vegas

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Up until last year it wasn’t awesome being a beer drinker in Vegas. The beer selection in Las Vegas was held to your typical American macro brews Bud, Coors and Miller. Sure you could find some bars and restaurants with a few different beers but there weren’t many. It’s strange to think that a town

Las Vegas has been home to many bachelor parties over the years. You don’t really need an excuse to go overboard in Vegas but it’s nice when you have one. Bachelor parties in Vegas are a great excuse for a bunch of guys to get together away from home with nothing and nobody in the

One of the great things about Las Vegas is that it’s always changing. The 80′s and 90′s brought themed hotels and casinos while the city tried to cater to families. More recently hotels have shunned the themes in favor of more modern designs where they depend on what’s inside the casino to wow us. There

Just about anyone can crack open a beer or throw together a Jack n Coke but creating a cocktail is not so simple. A cocktail is a little more complex. By definition a cocktail an alcoholic mixed drink that contains three or more ingredients with at least one of those ingredients being a spirit. You