Vegas wants everyone to have a good time, and that includes non-meat eaters. These days, more and more people are opting for a vegetarian or vegan diet (about 15 million Americans, in fact), and they don’t want to be left munching on a dull salad or yet another microwaved veggie burger. Luckily, several Vegas restaurants

Room service is an expected amenity at any hotel: even a Holiday Inn can get you a burger with a simple phone call. But this is Vegas, baby. You can dial up just about anything you want. While you’ll find a lot of tried-and-true meal staples on in-suite menus, some Vegas hotels have gone out

In Las Vegas, you can find outlandish costumes and over-the-top thrills on any day, at any time. During the Halloween season, the city cranks it up several notches, so what’s normally over-the-top becomes even more extreme. The costumes are sexier, the thrills are more frightening, and the parties are the kind you’ll tell your friends

Most visitors to Las Vegas prefer to get their rush of excitement from high stakes gambling, but that’s not the only way to get your heart racing while visiting the city. For those who like their adrenaline rushes a little more super-sized, there are plenty of things to do that will fulfill the desires of

There are plenty of day trips you can take from Las Vegas if you want to experience natural wonders, but not everyone is up to a hike in the hot outdoors. And what if your plans keep you close to the city? When you’re overwhelmed with the concrete and neon, sometimes all you want is

So there are the obvious things to do in Vegas… eat, drink, gamble, repeat. There are also other things to do off the strip. If you need a break from the strip or are more adventurous, check out Adrenalin ATV Tours. They offer ATV tours through Valley of Fire along with a picnic lunch and

Celebrities Who Live in Las Vegas

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It’s not that hard to find famous people in Las Vegas: all you have to do is book a show. With some of music’s most legendary performers hitting the stage on any given night, it’s almost impossible to leave the city without seeing a star. But what about off the stage? Many famous people have

If you’ve ever dreamed about dining in the great cities of the world, consider a trip to Las Vegas. For the price of one trip, you can experience the dining pleasures of just about every world cuisine. Choose from elegant dishes prepared by renowned chefs or simple, flavorful homestyle meals. Vegas has such a rich

You wouldn’t go to Athens, Greece without photographing the Acropolis, or to Agra, India without snapping a single photo of the Taj Mahal. When visiting Vegas, though, there’s so much to see that it can be overwhelming. In a city where almost everything is a photo opportunity, how do you zero in on the best

Every day seems like a food festival in Las Vegas, from the opulent buffets to the five-star dining, not to mention the simple pleasures of a perfect street-vendor hot dog. If you haven’t experienced an actual food festival in Vegas, you’re missing some of the best food the city has to offer, accompanied by music,

There are lots of reasons to go to Vegas, whether it’s for business, gambling, getting married, sightseeing, or shopping. While each type of travel plan is completely different, they all have something in common: no one wants to do any of them while stressed. Luckily for Vegas travelers, relaxation is around just about every corner

Gray Cargill: Solo travel blogger, writer, amateur photographer. Location: South Burlington, Vermont Blog: Gray has been travelling to Vegas by herself roughly once a year since 2001. Her blog includes experiences and tips for Vegas goers. Q: Do you always travel to Las Vegas by yourself? A: Pretty much always. I have been

It’s always fun to stay at a unique hotel. Las Vegas might have dozens of hotels with a lot of lights and gimmicks, but since there are so many hotels taking the same approach, they are not unique. A unique hotel is one that is different from other hotels in the area. In this case,

Long after you leave the farming community of Delta, Utah and make your way westward on US 6 and 50, as you finish winding your way out of the Confusion Range, you might wonder if you’ve driven off the edge of the earth and into an episode of the Twilight Zone. Stretching off into the

Everyone knows that Reno has casinos. There are lots of them, each with restaurants featuring low prices to lure the non-gamblers as well as the gamblers into their midst. What you may not know is what else there is to do in and around Reno. If you are flying, Reno International Airport is small and

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You can take to the skies with very little money. That is, if you find a ticket at the right price. Many people assume that air travel is expensive, and it can be. However, finding an overseas round-trip ticket normally priced at $2000 for $1000 or lower is not unreasonable. Finding a trip with a

Having your buddies over for a poker night? Tired of betting with matchsticks and fighting over the last remaining can of lager? Follow our five step plan to make your weeknight poker feel more like a bachelors weekend in Vegas. Step 1 – The Cards You can’t play cards without a deck, but not all

If you’re a sports fan and a gambling man, Las Vegas can seem like a sports bettor’s dream. On the famous Las Vegas Strip there is an amazing array of great casinos and hotels to choose from, and they all have some type of a sports book. That said, there are good sports books, bad

There are many reasons to choose to get married in Las Vegas, although most people opt for a Las Vegas wedding because of the ease. In some ways it’s perhaps a little too easy to get hitched in Las Vegas. If you find yourself in the city with your best friend/childhood sweetheart/one-night stand and fancy