The newest immersive experience to hit the Strip, VR Adventures allows you to experience an alternative reality of your choosing.

This cutting edge VR experience plummets you into a virtual world of your choosing.  There are 4 different experiences to choose from.  Try the “Screaming Skydive” where you zipline and parachute through virtual Vegas with the wind whistling by your ears.  You can pull the rip cord to float back to reality.  “Soaring Superhero” allows you to fly over the city of Las Vegas and see the sites from above while you are on a hunt for some hidden prizes. The “House of Horrors” just might scare the virtual pants off of you!  You are dropped into a house of nightmares where you must be careful not to awaken a ghost or disturb a zombie.  The “Fly N’ Shoot” simulator puts you into your own flying machine that you must balance while shooting down enemy drones while flying over the Alps.

Packages are available that allow you to experience one or all of the choices.  Choices do rotate periodically, so check the website for further updates.


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