The VOID has created a fully immersive adventure with interactive sets and real-time effects. Enter the virtual world of Star Wars and visit a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars VR Experience:  It’s your chance to visit a galaxy far, far away; step into the new Star Wars Secrets of the Empire virtual reality experience.  The VOID has created a fully immersive adventure with interactive sets and real-time effects.  You enter the virtual world equipped with a backpack, a mobile computer and a helmet with microphone so you can communicate with your fellow Rebel teammates.  Your team of four Stormtroopers will travel to the planet of Mustafar to gather information necessary for the rebellion’s survival.  This full-sensory experience is the closest thing you’ll get to actually being in Star Wars.

This is a large-scale VR experience that allows you to roam freely through a large environment.  Physical objects such as walls, buttons and chairs exist in both the real and virtual worlds.  Reaching out and touching and manipulating these physical objects translates to actions in the virtual world.  This is also a social experience where you interact with friends and work together to blast away the bad guys while solving a puzzle.  The ending is a fun and surprising climax that will be remarkably memorable for Star Wars fans.

Ralph Breaks VR:  Together with your friends you sneak onto the internet to play the coolest video game ever.  Then the security system kicks in and it’s not just fun and games anymore.  The adventure becomes a life and death experience.

Nicodemus:  A bone-shilling journey back in time to the Chicago World’s Fair in 1894.  Explore the exhibits without being caught by the demon Nicodemus.

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