The volcano now features a lake full of computerized flame throwers set to the music of The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart. The jungle drum soundtrack mixed with the heat and excitement makes for an unforgettable 15 minute experience.

Fire and water dance to the music right outside the Mirage Hotel-Casino. The Volcano, a Las Vegas icon since 1989, will wow you with it’s show-stopping performance. Half light show, half water show, each medium will be sure to dazzle you and create a night you won’t forget. Be sure to be there in the evenings when the volcano blows and take pleasure in this free and exciting show for the whole family.

Make sure not to miss out on this fantastic show; operating daily at 8, 9 and 10 pm.  Enjoy the explosions and fireballs with the soundtrack provided by The Grateful dead’s Mickey Hart.



  1. Awesome
    - July 28, 2015

    Get there early! There’s always a bunch of people standing around for the show. It’s short, but exciting!!

  2. worth it
    - December 20, 2013

    First time in vegas. You have to see this get their 20 minutes before the start. It gets crowded. Show is every hour on the hour at night.

  3. this one is worth it.
    - December 4, 2013

    It is a short show,but easy to get to, lots of places you can stand and watch the show. Good for the whole family.

  4. Nice but way too crowded
    - August 5, 2013

    Go early if you want a good standing area but why would one want to stand around an hour just for a 16 sec show.

  5. Kinda weak
    - November 2, 2012

    Honesty I was expecting a little more. It was very short. Just not a lot to see but I guess you can’t beat free.

  6. great show for being free
    - August 12, 2012

    Who we kidding, it’s free. Get there early to get a good place to stand.

  7. okay..
    - May 29, 2012

    It is pretty but it gets very hot around it.. And with the desert heat already there it’s kind of annoying.

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