Delight your eyes with a rainbow of colorful, tropical fish at the Mirage Aquarium right inside the Mirage Hotel-Casino. In the lobby you will see the enormous aquarium with exotic creatures swimming the beautiful coral reef.

You may be right in the middle of the desert, but at the Mirage Aquarium, you will feel like you’re under the sea. In this 20,000 gallon tank, see a shark swim through coral or a school of fish swim the length of the 53 foot saltwater aquarium. You will see puffer fish, angel fish, tangs and many more sea creatures.

You won’t miss this attraction because it is right behind the check-in desk, ready to welcome you to the Mirage Hotel-Casino. You will see colorful coral that has been created with intricate detail to resemble a natural coral reef, but be assured no live coral has been used in this exhibit. The aquarium is 53 feet long, eight feet tall and six feet front to back.

  1. Cute
    - August 3, 2015

    It was nice to see when we stayed at the mirage. Its worth taking a look at, but nothing spectacular.

    - April 30, 2013

    What a great way to check-in !!! Wonderful array of fantastic saltwater fish in a HUMONGUs aquarium !!

  3. It was ok
    - July 23, 2012

    It was nice wish you could get a little closer though it is behind the front desk of the hotel

  4. OK!!! Nice animals, but definitely needs updating!!
    - May 29, 2012

    Their animals are great, but the displays and walking areas needs updating. Very humid!! If it’s crowded it is worse. I had to walk through most displays quickly because it was too hot. They have great variations of fishes, but wish they had more viewing windows in the shark tanks.

  5. it's an aquarium
    - December 23, 2011

    Not displeasing in any way but aquariums are not really my thing. Now it is probably the largest and most colorful I’ve come across, so I am sure kids and fish heads will enjoy it.

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