Need to chill while in Vegas? Check out the newest Minus 5 Ice Bar at the Venetian/Palazzo for a very “Ice” time.

Be transported to a winter wonderland while in Vegas.  90 tons of ice have been molded and sculpted into an attraction made entirely of ice and filled with interactive ice sculpture and architecture.  Everything but the floor and celling is crafted from ice.  Internationally known ice sculptors fly into Vegas to have the fun of crafting new things for you to enjoy at Minus 5.  You are given a parka, hat and gloves before you enter the wonderland so you have no fear of being too cold.  Sipping a beverage from a glass made of ice is truly an experience you will want to have.  An LED light show and upbeat music accompany you through the themed rooms and sculptures.  This is a family-friendly experience for anyone over the age of 12.


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