Get ready for a seriously insane adventure. Spin at 3G’s, 64 feet away from the edge of the Stratosphere Hotel-Casino. Look down and you will see your feet dangling above the Las Vegas strip.

Insanity at the Stratosphere Hotel-Casino is not for the weak-hearted. This ride is a mechanical arm that extends you out, 64 feet over the side of the Stratosphere Tower and leaves you hanging with nothing but the view of the Las Vegas strip below your dangling feet. Look down if you dare and see 100 stories or 900 feet of space between you and the ground. This ride is a thrill-seeker’s dream. Then, as if that is not enough, you will spin around and tilt at a 70 degree angle giving you downward and upward views. The ride is crazy fun and if you can keep your eyes open, the views are amazing.

  1. Scary fun!
    - August 12, 2015

    Definitely a crazy idea my friends had to take me on here, but in the end I wanted to go on again. So you know its good! Scary good!

  2. Like your flying
    - September 15, 2013

    Best thrill ride. At 1st you think your crazy sitting on the ride but at the end you will love it. Best ride in Vegas strip.

  3. I don't need this kind of excitement. it takes brass balls to ride it
    - August 28, 2012

    You have to be a combination of brave, crazy and trusting to ride these coasters. I can handle roller coasters but these are off the scale for me. If you love a thrill ride then don’t miss any of these.

  4. hold your breath
    - August 19, 2012

    This is the scariest ride ever plus if you drop something you can kill or damage something

  5. Insane
    - January 26, 2012

    I tend to avoid even the thought of riding this. Good luck!

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