This unique and delightful retail chocolate experience is sure to delight the kid in all of us. Offering more than 800 chocolates and candies in 13,000 square feet of chocolate heaven, Hershey’s Chocolate World is a popular tourist destination.

Customize your very own chocolate bars, star in a Reese’s Cup ad, and ogle the 800 lb chocolate Statue of Liberty. In-store experiences include the Jolly Rancher Flavor Wall, the Hershey’s Taste Happiness, the Kisses Flavor Wall, Reese’s Play the Perfect Part and Reese’s Perfect Combination.

Be sure to visit both of the two floors to find your Hershey favorites like Bubble Yum, Twizzlers, etc. and purchase brand themed tee shirts, stuffed animals, pillows and more. There are many unique items like an Empire State building made of Hershey bars, and peanut butter cup lamps.

  1. love Hershey?s world
    - March 13, 2018

    Made my daughter happy just looking around

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