Music, dancing, and glitzy costumes make for one spectacular performance at the Fremont Street Experience. This is old-style Vegas combined with new glamour and excitement. It is a party every night and like no other.

The Fremont Street experience is fun, lively and old-style Vegas with new and unbelievable entertainment. The Viva Vision show is a must-see and it doesn’t hurt to add that it’s completely free.  The shows run for 6 minutes and run every hour.  Shows currently include The Killers, The Who, Linkin Park, Green Day, Imagine Dragons and others. Check the calendar to see which Viva Vision show plays and when. Music is featured starting as early as 6PM, depending on the season, and every hour on the hour; other great music is performed until after midnight. Be sure to get there early to get a good spot where you can see all of the action, glitz and glamour. The impressive choreography, colorful light show, and upbeat music make for an unforgettable show that will have you knowing you got the real Las Vegas experience.

Check out the SlotZilla Zipline for an aerial adventure.

  1. Not for Kids!
    - September 3, 2018

    This is fun for adults, be a good parent and leave your kids at home! Lots of inappropriate things going on down There. Lots of loud music, smoke, pot smoke, almost naked men and women, weirdos, alcohol and beggars. ScrEen is awesome, slotzilla zipline is awesome, live saxaphone and cover bands are awesome! Just Get your kids a sitter or dont go!

  2. not impress
    - July 5, 2018

    This is a typical junkyard strip mall. All the cheap Vegas logo stuff. The streets are showing their ages. When I visited there was no entertainment. It may be fun if there are some good music playing.

  3. Awesome
    - August 13, 2015

    Had to see Fremont Street IRL, and this is definitely a must see if you go downtown. The kids were with us and thought it was so cool too.

  4. superb
    - January 20, 2015

    This is a must see attraction in vegas, as well as the hourly over head light and music sensation there are several stages each giving a different act. Best of all it’s FREE.

  5. a must see
    - October 22, 2014

    Visited Vegas for a week and went to Fremont twice! The light show was beautiful, the live music was great! It’s just as busy on Fremont as so the strip. Great place to get cheap souvenirs and The heart attack grill is a must see! I will be back this year!

  6. AMAZING!!
    - December 4, 2013

    We had the best time here…already planning to come back soon!! Light shows were beautiful and food was great!

  7. cool.
    - June 19, 2013

    We loved the Fremont street! However staff were very rude. Every time we ask someone what time the show started they would all give us a different answer! And they yelled us for basically no reason! And the buffet (no Effense) was not good either..

  8. First timer
    - June 14, 2013

    First time on Fremont and I loved it. Downfall it closes down early.

  9. A MUST!
    - May 25, 2013

    We make a special trip to old Vegas every time we visit. I recommend this to every Vegas first timer. Cheap drinks, loose slots, great Free entertainment. Well worth the trip. If you stay on the strip, buy the bus pass to get to Freemont street. Otherwise you will pay about $25 one way to get there. Everyone should experience FS atleast once (night time is the best).

  10. Great
    - March 22, 2013

    Fremont street is a must, on your list when you visit Las Vegas…

  11. A Vegas Staple!
    - September 14, 2012

    It’s beautiful and free! Lots of lights, cheap souvenirs and free live music! Must check it out while in Vegas – it’s for sure a must see!

  12. A Must See While In Vegas
    - July 15, 2012

    This is probably one of the best “MUST SEE” activities to see while in Vegas- The Fremont Street Experience”. The Laser Light show is awesome and sure to please you all!! Enjoy!!!

  13. The best free experience Vegas has to offer!
    - June 25, 2012

    If you have not been, go! Even those who have been usually go again. This has got to be one of the top 5 best free things to do in Vegas! Check it out.

  14. Great excuse to visit Old Vegas
    - November 30, -0001

    If you have not been to old Vegas. This is all the reason to go. The light shows are really cool and in between shows you are sure to have fun.

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