Located in the stunning lobby of the Bellagio Hotel, world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly has added splendor with his incredibly colorful and grandiose chandelier, Fiori Di Como.

Dale Chihuly is a world-renowned artist known for his work in hand-blown glass. His art can be found in museums all over the world. There is no need to travel all around the world in search for his incredible masterpieces. That is because the sophisticated lobby of the Bellagio hotel houses the Fiori Di Como, a chandelier with over 2,000 intricate hand-blown flowers. Each petal is delicate, colorful and absolutely stunning.

Luxurious couches and other seating is available all over the lobby so you can take in the 40,000 pound Fiori Di Como in comfort. The Fiori Di Como shop is also available, in the Bellagio, to further explore the fabulous work of Dale Chihuly.

  1. Fine Art
    - October 11, 2015

    This was art at its finest for us. We are not very artistic people, but seeing this was amazing. Chihuly does amazing hand-blown glass. It was incredible! If you’re into art, definitely check this out.

  2. Be-A-UTiful
    - August 10, 2015

    I stayed in the Bellagio last month and was stunned by this beautiful art! I felt so classy staying in this hotel!!

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