Wedding Bouquet flowers with playing cardThere are many reasons to choose to get married in Las Vegas, although most people opt for a Las Vegas wedding because of the ease. In some ways it’s perhaps a little too easy to get hitched in Las Vegas. If you find yourself in the city with your best friend/childhood sweetheart/one-night stand and fancy doing something you don’t do every day, you can make your way down to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, get a marriage license, and then choose a chapel. And you’ll be spoiled for choice where wedding chapels are concerned as there are about 50 of them lining the north end of the town’s Strip, and most are attached to hotels.

However, it’s not just the recently-introduced or those that are in a rush to say I do who choose Las Vegas for their wedding. If you’ve given a little more thought to your nuptials and have known your intended for some time, Las Vegas can make for a great wedding venue. As well as the ease with which you can get married, there’s the appeal of having your wedding just the way you want it, from a small, intimate affair to a grand, showy, lavish one. You can have an impulsive dressed-in-jeans-and-tee-shirt ceremony or a full billowing gown and pink Cadillac one. The wedding chapels in Las Vegas provide everything: they will even arrange a limo to take you to the license bureau and bring you back, all ready to tie the knot. Most also provide whatever else you may need from flowers to rings to videotaping the ceremony. Just think: no relatives and family members fighting for control over all those aspects of your wedding: bliss.

There’s another, very good, reason to get married in Las Vegas, and that’s fun. What better way to start life together as husband and wife than with a bit of fun? That’s probably why, each year, more than 100,000 couples say I do in Las Vegas. While there are plenty of chapels to choose from, anyone wanting to follow in the footsteps of the celebrities who have married in Las Vegas will want to check out the most notable wedding chapels on or near the Strip. There are many more in town, and almost all the major hotels have wedding chapels (although, while being a little less tacky than the chapels on the Strip, they can lack the degree of “personality” the others have).

There’s not a great deal to choose from however when it comes to the general décor of the chapels, although some tend to have a more fun feel than others. This might be down to whoever’s working at the chapel at any given time. If you’re not getting married on the spur of the moment and want to put some preparation work into your wedding, then shop around. Getting married in Las Vegas isn’t expensive. The complete cost will, of course, depend on how much you want to spend and why type of wedding you want. A marriage license will cost you $60 (cash) and a basic wedding service not much more. Even a full-blown package including photos, music, flowers, video, and cake won’t cost a lot more than about $500. If money’s tight and you want something very simple, then you can say I do and have change from $100 (including the license). Keep in mind that you are expected to pay a gratuity to the minister of around $25; but there’s no need to tip anyone else.

Las Vegas Weddings ( offers a one-stop shopping wedding service. They will find you a chapel, book you into a hotel for the honeymoon, arrange the ceremony, and provide the flowers, photographer, wedding cake, and limo (not to mention a garter for the bride!). This service covers everything you can think of – including, if you want something a little alternative (that’s if marrying in Las Vegas isn’t alternative enough for you), a themed wedding.

Valentine’s Day is, rather unsurprisingly, a very popular time for weddings in Las Vegas, with some chapels performing as many as 80 ceremonies on the day. But the beauty of marrying in Las Vegas is that you don’t have to worry about booking ahead: just turn up with your marriage license and choose a chapel.

And for the Elvis fan, Las Vegas is probably the only place in the world where you can have your ceremony conducted by the King! “Young Elvis” will arrive at your wedding in a 1955 pink, neon-lit Cadillac, there’s got to be something truly wonderful about a place where Elvis will marry you, at a drive-up window, 24 hours a day. This is one wedding you’ll want to do over and over again!