Welcome to Las Vegas SignEveryone asks, “How do I get a cheap nice hotel in Vegas”? This article will discuss how to get the best savings on your room/hotel/flights.

Player and Rewards Club Members usually get the best rates, comps and free rooms. If that’s you already, there’s no need to read any further.

If you are currently not a Players club member, we suggest signing up when you get to Vegas. Players Clubs are usually free to sign up. Places like MGM Resorts, and Harrah’s Resorts have club membership cards that can be used across their respective properties. This means, whenever you gamble, you’ll save. More recently, some of the programs are switching to member rewards from players clubs, making it easier to save even more! If you are going to gamble, this is the best way to save on Hotel rooms, and even get back to Vegas with free rooms!

For those of you who are not gamblers, there are still plenty of ways to save. We will break this down into three sections… Hotels, Flights, and Air and Hotel Packages.

There are many ways to book hotels for your Las Vegas trip. Most consumers jump on the web, and head straight for sites like kayak, orbitz, etc. Our method is a bit different, and has been proven more effective on a regular basis. We recommend booking direct with the Hotel that you will be staying at. We suggest that you do some research first and decide on a select few places you want to stay, if not, reserving can be difficult/confusing. This avoids a lot of confusion, and mishaps that can occur when systems fail. Not that our method is fail safe. We work directly with the hotels, and utilize promotion codes. We aggregate the promo codes for every property so you don’t have to go searching around for the best ones. Promo codes are great because they can range from a small percentage off, to a percent off with a large number of inclusions. These range from things like food & drinks specials, free show tickets, and resort credits! Promo codes can be tricky though, just because there are inclusions, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best route you should take.

We recommend comparing all the promo codes of a certain property against the days you plan on staying to see which works best. Our promo codes are updated on a daily basis, so check back frequently. Most of our links pre-populate the promo code for you when it launches. If it does not, the code is listed for you to enter on the destination site. If no promo code is listed, this typically means one is not required for that promotion. Take note of our “Members Only” Promotions. These are exclusive deals/promo codes we get from the properties that we aren’t allowed to display to the public. These promotions are usually the best deal for the respective properties. Keep in mind it’s FREE to sign up to see these “Member Only” deals, and only takes a few seconds. Lastly, we want to mention that 90% of the time, reserving your room with a promo code, and your flight separately, is the best route to great savings! Click here to see all of our hotel promotions.

We are far from experts on the airline industry. But we can give some tips to get the best airline deals for your trip. First we suggest that you determine the various airlines that fly to Las Vegas from your destination city. We then suggest you sign up for the newsletters of those respective airlines and search their sites to see if they have any exclusive promotions to offer you. Airlines usually offer rewards programs too. We recommend comparing the direct rates of the airlines to google flights, Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, etc. Airline rates change frequently, and we have found booking ahead, typically saves you the most. Click here to see a convenient list of Las Vegas Airlines.

Las Vegas packages are not always the “best” way to save, but can provide some savings with a high level of convenience. Flight + Hotel packages can be booked with Southwest Vacations (our favorite), Travelocity, Priceline, Expedia, Jet Blue, and more. These sites make it easy to compare the total price of your trip at the various properties you may want to stay. Did we mention CONVIENENCE!? These sites commonly offer promotions where you can save a percent off on your room, free night stays, free show tickets , and more! TravelVegas keeps an up to date list of these package deals here.

Need more help? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Keep in mind, we are NOT travel agents, but will do our best help you understand how to save the most!