Las Vegas has plenty to see, but not all is appropriate for the entire family. There are, however, tours in and around Las Vegas that are family friendly The sights you will see are everything from thrilling to serene. Just outside of Las Vegas there is the pristine natural beauty of the Grand Canyon that may be seen by air, trail, or SUV. The man made Hoover Dam is amazing and an educational outing the whole family will enjoy. Listed below are some fun Las Vegas adventures your family is sure to enjoy.

Canyon Dream Air and Land Tour

Fly to the South Canyon Rim and take a helicopter into the Canyon to see its stunning beauty. Then walk the trail and get close to nature. This is an unforgettable family friendly experience.

Grand Canyon South Rim Bicycle Ride Motorcoach Tour

Tour the desert sights, such as Hoover Dam by motorcoach and then tour the Grand Canyon South Rim by bike. This tour is appropriate for all ages with a large selection of men’s, women’s, and children’s bikes and children under 8 years old are accommodated on pull behind bike trailers.

Grand Canyon West Rim and Skywalk Motorcoach Tour

Take a motorcoach tour of the Nevada desert and arrive at the Grand Canyon Eagle’s Point ready to walk the “Glass Plank.” The skywalk at the Grand Canyon is a glass walkway that supplies stunning views around and straight down into the canyon.

Grand Canyon West Rim Motorcoach Tour

Enjoy a motorcoach tour of sights like the Hover Dam and the Grand Canyon’s Eagle’s Point. The beautiful scenery is something the whole family will enjoy.

Hoover Dam City Deluxe Tour

Take in the remarkable Hoover Dam and experience all it has to offer on this deluxe tour. Also included in the tour, is a trip to the chocolate factory and largest botanical cactus garden. This is a fun filled and educational day the whole family will love.

Hoover Dam Express Tour

This tour is perfect for children because it is only 4 hours from start to finish. The tour includes the motorcoach trip to and from the dam and a VIP Discovery tour of the dam.

Hoover Dam Mining Town Tour

This is a tour packed with fun including a tour into an historical Eldorado Canyon Mine. The tour also includes a visit to Hoover Dam, Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory, and the botanical cactus garden.

Lake Mead Cruise and Hoover Dam Tour

Take a motorcoach for an amazing and informative tour of Hoover Dam and then go for a fun filled paddle boat ride on Lake Mead. The tour ends with a stop at Ethel M’ Chocolate Factory and the botanical cactus garden.

Las Vegas See It All Tour

See the sights of Las Vegas with an informative tour guide giving the history and insider back stories of Las Vegas. The shuttle bus tour includes 12 different sights.

Pink Jeep Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Tour

Perfect for a family, this small group tour provides a personal tour guide to take you from the Old Santa Fe Trail to the Grand Canyon South Rim. This informative tour is fun for the whole family.

Pink Jeep Hoover Dam Classic Tour

This is a fun means of transportation and sightseeing in this small group guided tour. You will see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the new Hoover Dam bypass bridge.

Pink Jeep Red Rock National Conservation Area

Enjoy the desert landscape in this off road adventure. The tour includes a 13 mile scenic trip on Rocky Gap Road.

South Rim Bus Tour

This all day tour will take you to the Grand Canyon National Park where you will see Mather Point and Bright Angel Point. You will have plenty of time to visit and explore the hiking trails and museums.

The Free Spirit Tour by Mustang Helicopters

This tour allows you to see the Grand Canyon like no other tour. You will fly over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Fortification Hill before reaching the Grand Canyon. At the Grand Canyon, you will not only have a stunning view from above, but will also dip down into the canyon and see it from within.

Family Friendly But Not Recommended for Young Children

Bootleg Canyon Flightlines

This exciting adventure allows you to see the Nevada Mountains soaring through the air on a zipline. Weight limits of 75 – 250 lbs. make this adventure not recommended for those under 12.

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt

The History Channel has presented information on ghosts haunting the old Pioneer Saloon and Gallery in Goodsprings, Nevada and this tour lets you go ghost hunting. This is a fun spooky experience and is not recommended for young children.

Sky Combat Ace: Afterburner

This is a thrill ride like no other where you actually ride with a trained fighter pilot in an Extra 330LC. You will do loops, rolls, and spins in this exciting and informative adventure.

Sky Combat Ace: Sky Combat

A trained fighter pilot will take you in an Extra 330LC to be in an actual dogfight where you will take the control. This is a thrilling and informative adventure.

Sky Combat Ace: Top Gun

If you have always dreamed of being a top gun fighter pilot, this is for you. A trained fighter pilot will take you in an Extra 330LC to do loops, rolls, stalls, and spins.

Vegas Mob Tour

This is an informative and educational tour into the Mafia past of Las Vegas. See the places where mob dealings occurred and learn the inside details.

Wild West Horseback Ride

Become a cowboy for a day and get out into the desert on horseback. After seeing the remarkable desert by horseback you will return and enjoy a real campfire dinner. This is a wonderful family experience. Children must be 6 years old for safety reasons.